32 Funny and Catchy Science Slogans

Science has been a basis of many discoveries in society. Rather it be history or looking ahead in technological advance, the love of science is something that should be embraced by all. The following listing of science slogans aim to help children become enthused about the endless possibilities of science to learn more. While those that are currently in the science industry, can appreciate these slogans that have been used by others and become popularized throughout the years.

Always question, Always wonder.
Art and science have their meeting point in method.
Art is I; science is we.
Art is science made clear.
Be a science girl or guy, always ask what and why.
Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art.
From a grain of sand to the vast galaxy, science uncovers secrets around you and me.
If at first you don’t succeed try another experiment.
If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.
Imagine, Invent, Inspire.
Life is not an exact science, it is an art.
Magic is just stuff science hasn’t made boring yet.
Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.
Science causes all kinds of reactions.
Science does not know its debt to imagination.
Science education is the best in the North, South, East, and West.
Science is nothing but perception.
Science is organized knowledge.
Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.
Science is worth exploring.
Science is Worth Studying For.
Science knows only one commandment – contribute to science.
Science: Where little things mean a lot.
Scientific theory is a contrived foothold in the chaos of living phenomena.
The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.
The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.
There are no shortcuts in evolution.
Touch a scientist and you touch a child.
Travel the universe with Science.
Wisdom alone is the science of other sciences.
You cannot feed the hungry on statistics.
You must not deny my right to ask why.

Science is an industry with a majority of a male population. Within the last decade, statistics have changed that illustrate the rise of female scientists and growing generation of girls who want to become science majors down the road. Females are now out numbering men in many areas. However males still tend to make a higher base income than females. The below infographic takes a look at more statistics of female roles in science.
Women Demographic in Science Industry