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101 Catchy Surveillance Video Business Names

The security industry is booming in recent years. More and more people are interested in increasing security measures on their homes and businesses. Video surveillance in particular is highly popular. If you are thinking of beginning your very own video surveillance company than a great name is essential. Here is a absolutely wonderful list of names of existing surveillance companies to give you some ideas of what other people commonly use in this field.

360 Degree Protection
50 State Security
A1 Affirmed Security
AAA Best Patrol Services
AAA Reliable Security
Above All Security
A-Dependable Security
Advanced Security Solutions
Armed and Ready Security Guards
Assurance Security
Assured Security
Assured Solutions Security
Axis Inc
Be Alert Security Services
Be Secure Home Watchers
Blue Light Night Patrol
Brickhouse Security
B-Secure Patrol Service
Chicago High Definition Video Surveillance
CrimeShield Neighborhood Watch
CrimeShield Patrol
Criminal Watch Security
Crown Security
Danger Alert Security
Dependable Security Company
Dispatch Security
Dove Communication Surveillance
Eagle Eye Video
Eagle Surveillance
Emergency Alert Security
Emergency Security Services
Eric’s Surveillance
Feel Secure Company
First Digital Surveillance
First Source Security
Freeze Frame Video
Guaranteed Security
Hidden Eye Security Systems
Hidden Lock Security
Homeward Bound Security
Invincible Security
King Security
Lifeguard Security
Mind-at-Ease Home Watchers
Moonshine Security
Motion Way Security
Neighborhood Watch Patrol
Net Cams
Night Guards Security
Night Owl Patrol Services
Night Patrol Security
Night Prowlers Security
Night Troopers Security
Nova Tech
On Guard LifeWatchers
On Your Mark Security
On-Demand Patrol
Owl Eye Security
Peace of Mind Homewatch
Precision Security
Priority ONE Security
Private Eye Security
Private Guards Security
Rent-a-Guard Security Services
Rest Assured Security
Safe and Sound Security
Safehouse Security
Safety Surveillance
Safety Vision
Sailor Security
Secure Assist Night Guards
Secure Home Watch
Secured Safety Patrol
Security 101
Security Anywhere
Security Now! Home Watch
Security Plus
Siren Home Security
Static Surveillance
Strongarm Security Partners
Sundial Security
Sundown Security
Super Surveillance
Surveillance Shop
Surveillance Super Center
Task Force Security
Technic Electric Video
The Protection Connection
The Video Experts
Thousand Eyes Security
Three Alarm Security
Total Security
Triple Threat Security
Very Video Surveillance
Video Insight Inc.
Video Miami
Vigilante Neighborhood Watchers
Watchdog Security Services
Wide Area Video
Xtreme Video & Security

This fascinating video shows what it takes to install security cameras. It can give you some ideas as to what you are getting involved with when starting your own video surveillance business.

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