27 Good Catchy Pickle Business Names

Pickles are a staple of many country’s food and are a treasured treat for everybody. They are cucumbers, or just about anything really, that are soaked in a special blend of vinegar and spices to create a tangy and refreshing treat. Here are some great names of existing pickle companies that can help to inspire the name for your very own pickle business!

A-1 Homemade Pickles
Bick’s PIckles
Bread & Pickle
Brooklyn Pickle
Claussen Pickle Co.
Herman’s Pickles
Kruegermann Pickles
McClure’s Pickles
Moonbrine Pickles
Mr. Dill
Mt. Olive
Patriot Pickle
Pennsylvania Pickle Co.
Piano Pickles
Pickle’s Playroom
Pretty Pickle
Puckered Pickles
Spicy Pickle
Swanson Pickle Co.
The Electric Pickle Company
The Original Pickle
The Pickle’s Guy
Unbound Pickling Company
United Pickle Company
We Pickle That

The Mount Olive Pickle Company is one of the most successful and well known brands of pickles out there. This video is an inside look at how they produce and manufacture their delicious pickles.