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101 Catchy Medical Billing Company Names

An average of 85% in medical billing claims are performed electronically. If all transactions were performed electronically, more than 1 million trees a year could be saved. There are currently two types of medical codes followed in the United States. The current procedural terminology and international classification of diseases. On a medical claim, the billing company must ensure that the correct codes are matched with the diagnosis. More than 30% of bills and claims filed are done inaccurately. A series of medical billing company names are compiled below that outline national organizations and businesses that look to this industry for business growth.

AAA Hospital Warehouse
Ability Clinical Technologies
Advanced MD Software Inc.
Alert Transportation
All Aboard Medical Transport
Allegro Medical Billing
Allenton Medical Devices
Allied Medical Billing
Apex EDI
Arrowhead Medical Billing
Aurora Medical Billing
Beeline Medical Transport
Blue Line Health Care Co.
Capital Medical Billing
Castle Health Care
CCC Medical Co.
CE Medical Group
Claim Resolutions
Cobalth Health
Code Right Medical Supply
Code USA
Collaborate MD
Compass Group
Compass Revenue Management
Consolidated MD
CPR Medical Service
CrossPoint Medical Supplier
CRS Medical Benefit
Dale Billing Services
Darrel Hospital Equipment
Direct Physicians Billing Services Inc.
Down The River Medical Transport
EdgeMed Healthcare Solutions Inc.
Empower Technologies, Inc.
Evergreen Account Management
Express Laboratory
First Choice Health
Flatline Medical Supply
Gold Medical Testing
Golden Medical Billing
Grace Medical
Green Earth Medical
Guru Billers
Hawthorne Health Corp.
Hawthorne Hospital Supplies
Health First Medical Supply
Healthcare 2000, Inc.
Heart of Hope In-Home Health Care
Heartbeat Industries
High Point
Ideal Billing Services
Insight Medical Solutions
Intelligent Health Inc.
Intermedix Corporation
Lifeline Medical Supply
Madison St. Medical Supply
Majesty Medical Supply
Medi Serv Inc.
Medi-Bill, Inc.
Medi-Cab Transportation
Medical Billing Services, Inc.
Medical Revenue Ststems
Medican Intuition Technologies, LLC
Medstar Holdings
MedX Medical Management & Technologies, LLC
Mercy Medical
Merry Medic LifeWatchers
NCG Medical Systems
Nightwatch Medical
North American Recovery
Off The Cross Medical Service
Omega Medical Billing
On Call Medics
On Time Medical Transportation
On Your Mark Medical Service
Osha Medical iNtelli-Bill
Paramedic Medical Supplies
Patriot Medical Supply Co.
Phillips Pharmaceuticals
Premier Surgical Billing
Priority Medical
Proclaims Medical Billing
Professional Claims Link
Quest National Services
Receivable Management Solutions LLC
RevltUP Medical Billing Solutions, LLC
Sable Medical Institute
Shark Medical Services
Singular Payments
St. Thomas Medical Service
Streamlined Hospital Supplies
Tru-Valu Drugs
United Medical Billing
VulcanMed Research
Webster’s Medical Supplies

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The below infographic provides a brief guide to the medical billing and coding industry snapshot and growth trends. This industry is expected to increase in demand by over 20% in the future years. A medical billing position requires the ability to operate within the three P’s of patient, provider, and payer. With over 12 trillion medical billing and payment transactions occurring each year, this is not a career that will soon seize to exist.

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