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33 Middle East Social Media Usage Statistics


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Social Media Usage in the Middle East

The presence of social media is becomingly popular among people around the world, in particular with the Middle East. Almost three point seven percent of the internet users from the Middle East greatly rely with the social media. Forty point two percent of the overall population also has access on the internet. Eighty-eight percent of the online is using social networking sites on a daily basis.

Usage on Social Networks

The abovementioned percentages are by far the estimated number of social media Middle East users. Fifty-eight million users are using Facebook; Sixty point five million users are using Twitter; and five point eight million users are using Linkedin. 57.4% of internet penetration in the Middle East exists as of 2017. This accounts for only 3.8% of total use in the world.

Demographics of Users

Even according to the Middle East’s demographics on the users of social media Middle East, sixty percent of the users are male and thirty-five percent are female. Unexpectedly, the male population has exceeded the number of female.

On the other hand, the ages of people in the Middle East who are often using social media varies significantly. Nine percent of the entire population that uses social media Middle East is under the age of sixteen to seventeen; thirty-six percent of whom are eighteen to twenty-four years old; and thirty-two percent of whom are aging thirty-five to forty-four; and twelve percent of whom are forty-four years old.

Traits and Behaviors

In regard with the topics they adhere to spend their time while using various social networks also varies considerably. Sixty-seven percent of the entire population in the Middle East is attentive on movies and music. This may be due to the reason that the people are caught up in their busy lifestyles and jobs that they want to have a relaxation. This may also be the reason why they busy themselves with movies and music.

Apart from it, forty-six percent of the whole population is focused on community issues. And almost forty-three percent of whom are concentrated on sports. Thirty-four percent of the population are mainly focused on topics related on politics and fourteen percent on topics related to religion.

On the other hand, there are the most famous social networking sites that are being visited by the majority of people in the Middle East. Ninety-four percent of the population is interested to visit Facebook; fifty-two percent visit Twitter; forty-six percent on Google+; fourteen percent on Instagram and six percent on Linkedin.

It was also shown that one out of four Facebook users in the Arab region mainly come from Egypt. Eighty percent of these users mainly come from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia on the Gulf region.

On the other hand, Linkedin surpassed Twitter in various countries in the Middle East, in particular with the UAE. This is the country wherein all business-focused or business-related networks make up to twelve percent of the entire population as compared to only three percent of Tweeter users.

In reality, the Middle East countries such as Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt are using Facebook that it has exceeded LinkedIn and Twitter.

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