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31 Interesting International Shopping Trends and Statistics


Shoppers Are Different All Over the World

United States
As compared to other markets, the United States market is 45% more likely to be driven by coupon. 24% of shoppers are more likely to shop at warehouses. 45% like to make their shopping as fast as possible and 27% are more likely to buy pre-owned items if it will save more money. 55% make their purchases primarily based on prices. In 2016, an estimated 1.61 billion people worldwide purchase goods online.

16% of shoppers in France are interested in the least expensive option. 7% shop just for fun, 28% exclusively buy one brand, 8% prefer shopping with their children. While 32% will shop just for pleasure.

About 20% of shoppers will likely make purchases in bulk, 22% will only shop when there is a special occasion for that, 41% are not selective with respect to brands, 39% are on a hurry to shop as soon as possible. 43% prefer to share deals with others.

28% browse items of high quality in a bid to replicate the looks in a least expensive form. 82% make use of catalogs and brochures as they shop. 60% consult review sites, blogs, and message boards. 29% use geo location applications while 38% use tablets.

In Italy, 49% of customers love bargaining, hunting, 18% see shopping as a shopping activity. 73% see shopping through infomercials. 44% prefer to have a feel for a product through physical contact before buying while 31% use QR codes for shopping.

With respect to shoppers in Germany, 35% look for the most inexpensive option before shopping. 26% see shopping as part of fun activities, 20% do impromptu buyer, 38% consider the emotional side of a product as important as its function while 60% consult or websites and read through product reviews before making a purchase.

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