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31 End Poverty Slogans and Quotes

Poverty does not discriminate based on age, race, or location. The right to end poverty is a worldwide crisis. These amazing end poverty slogans are just some ways you can inspire others to get involved and raise awareness.

A nation cannot develop if it has poverty!
Do a good deed, help someone in need.
Don’t ignore people, just because they are poor; help them.
Education is an effective solution for the poverty.
If poverty can be generated, it can be finished too.
If poverty can destroy the life of a man, a man too can destroy its existence.
In today’s world, being poor is expensive.
It’s time to unite as poverty is not our right.
Keep your coins, we want change.
Let’s pledge together to make our nation a poverty free nation.
Let’s unite to fight poverty and make future bright.
Let’s Unite. Poverty We Fight.
Live simply so others may simply live.
Only education can change poverty into property.
Poverty can destroy a nation without using any weapon.
Poverty gives rise to many social issues in a nation.
Poverty hinders the growth of a nation.
Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction.
Poverty is not a curse, it is just a condition.
Poverty is the mother of crimes.
Poverty is the only burden that is not lightened by sharing with others.
Poverty weakens the nation economically.
Promote education to eliminate poverty from all over the nation.
Take poverty as a condition, not as a destiny!
Through education poverty can be changed to property.
We all can do more to help the poor.
We need to hit so that poverty can quit.
We should always defeat poverty but not a poor!
We should help each and every poor to make poverty helpless.
Who have you helped today.
You shouldn’t ignore just because you are poor.

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