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31 Catchy Employee Safety Fair Slogans

Safety is the top priority in all aspects of life, but especially in the workplace. Employers focus greatly on the safety of their employees in order to keep their employees healthy and prevent any injuries that they would be liable for from happening. Many people do this by holding safety fairs for their workers, slogans are a wonderful way to really drive the message home. Here are some wonderful slogans that you can use to inspire safety in your workers.

A Careful Workman Is The Best Safety Device.
Be Alert, Don’t Get Hurt.
Big and Small, Safety Is For All.
Chance Takers Are Accident Makers.
Do It The Safe Way. Do It The Right Way. Do It Everyday.
Don’t Put Your Life On The Line.
Our Goal Is No Accidents!
Prepare and Prevent, Don’t Repair and Repent.
Protect Only The Fingers You Want To Keep!
Safety and Quality Go Hand In Hand.
Safety Begins With Team Work.
Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident.
Safety First Means Safety Always.
Safety Is Gainful, Accident Is Painful.
Safety Is No Accident.
Safety Is Our Mission, Not An Intermission.
Safety Is Our Top Priority.
Safety Isn’t A Slogan. It’s A Way Of Life.
Safety Never Hurts.
Safety Works When People Work Together!
Safety. It’s A Choice, Not A Chance.
Talk Less, Pay Attention, And Do Your Job Safely.
Thank You For Working Safely.
The Best Way Is The Safe Way.
The Person Reading This Is Responsible For YOUR Safety.
Think Safety Today. Be Alive Tomorrow.
Think Safety, It Couldn’t Hurt.
Tomorrow Is Your Reward For Working Safely Today.
We’re Fighting For Zero Injuries.
When Safety Is First, You Last.
Your Safety Is Priceless.

This awesome video is a documentation of a police departments safety fair. They put on this great fair for all of the members of the community to come and learn about how they can keep themselves safe.

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