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31 Catchy Abstinence Campaign Slogans and Taglines

Abstinence based only sex education has been receiving a lot of criticism in recent times as not providing a result of reducing teen pregnancy or contraction of STD’s. Public schools sexuality education teachers that focus on abstinence only instruction have increased since the 1990’s. By 1999, there were 23% of teachers that taught abstinence only as a way of preventing pregnancy and STD’s compared to only 2% in 1988. The following abstinence based campaign slogans have been used by other educational system as a means to encourage abstinence.

Abstinence can be challenging, but it has it’s advantages.
Abstinence is my choice…
Abstinence is the best way.
Abstinence… 99.99% effective.
Abstinence: 1+1=3.
Babies don’t come with a return policy.
Babysitter $800 a month, Diapers $100 a month, Formula $150 a month….Abstinence…priceless.
Be sexy. It doesn’t mean you have to have sex.
Be smart and sex free, then you won’t end up with HIV.
Children shouldn’t raise children.
Choose your future, choose abstinence.
Condoms don’t protect the heart.
Don’t confuse sex with love.
Don’t do a thing without that ring!
Don’t feel the urge to merge…unless you’re saying I do.
Don’t go knocking around, or a baby might open the door.
Don’t hop into bed, until you are wed.
First find THE ONE, then have some fun.
Flies spread disease so keep yours zipped.
Have sense or face the consequences.
I procrastinate when it comes to sex.
If you are hit by cupid, don’t do something stupid.
I’m sexy enough to keep you waiting.
It’s my choice to abstain. It’s a healthy choice.
Listen to mommy about the birds and the bees, that way you won’t get STDs.
One night of pleasure doesn’t amount to a lifetime of pain. -STDs.
Sex can wait, set a date!
True love waits.
Virgin. Teach your kid it’s not a dirty word.
Wait for the bling.
We waited for each other.

The following infographic outlines the standards of sex education mandates by each school. Some of these states stress abstinence only while others discuss topics of proper and safe contraception.

State Mandates on Sex Education

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