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17 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Wordpress Security Plugins

Top Seventeen Security Options For Your Computer

In this day and age it’s inevitable that if you allow internet access on your computer or your internet business you are going to need some type of security system of some type to try and help weed out bugs and viruses that you may and probably will encounter. If you leave yourself unprotected it’s just about as dumb as going to a gun fight with a knife. This article contains a list of the most downloaded options in the market today.

The Top Ten

The top 3 most downloaded and used options are captcha, a simple security scan and a database manager. A captcha is a very simple way for businesses to avoid spam users on their site, in other words users that aren’t an actual person and is just a computer program fishing around making trouble and things harder for actual customers or clients. It forces you to read and enter a distorted word combination, which is something a computer program alone could not do. A security scan is one of the most simple and basic things an internet user (weather professional for a business or just a personal home computer owner) can install and use. It searches your computer’s system for any possible break downs in security and how to resolve it. A database manager is extremely useful in letting you have the ability to repair and restore your database itself. Also it allows you to back up your most important data in case the worst happens.

Numbers 4 through 7 are all pretty much ways that you can beef up your existing security. Which if you run an online business you would be more likely to want and need these, trying to make your site as secure as possible for the peace of mind and protection of your clients/customers and for the continuity of your own business. No one is going to want to use your site if they know their personal information can be stolen at a moment’s notice with hardly any effort.

The 8th and 9th place spots go to programs that are focused on reducing and blocking any potential spam that you might receive, whereas number 10 is focused more on backup. Number 8 does this by adding an antivirus facet to your site which allows you to be protected from things such as malware and spam. . Number 9 does this by involving captcha in more places on your website than the afore mentioned option. The 10th most downloaded option is purely just an option to back up your most important information, whatever that may be.

Additional Security Plugins

In spots eleven through fifteen are mainly focused on providing you with a plethora of security options ranging from locking up your account after a specified number of failed log on attempts, scanning your system and giving you a grade based on what it finds, and being able to stop spam with a ton of different ways to log in.

And last but not least, spots sixteen and seventeen are built around providing you with some basic tools to help you control your site and its security. Basically like a bundled package for those people that aren’t quite sure what they need or most want so it gives you a tiny bit of everything.

There are many, many more security systems and tools out there for your computer, but this article mentions just a few of them that are at the top of their field. If you really think about it they are there at the top for one reason, and that is reason is that they work!

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