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9 Key Demographics of Website Designers


Who Is Behind That Website?

Website designers are crawling out of the woodwork everywhere today, but you can still often figure out the person who is behind any given site. Nearly 9 out of every 10 website designers are men and nearly half of them are under the age of 30. Half of all website designers have some sort of advanced degree and a quarter of them make more than $40,000 per year. By knowing these statistics, you can discover if designed websites is right for you too! Are you ready to be the person behind the next great website?

There Is Almost Unlimited Earning Potential In Website Design

Did you know that nearly 10% of today’s website designers earn more than $100k in a yearly salary? The average income of a website designer was actually above $75k! That makes it as viable a career from a monetary perspective as some of today’s in-demand careers in the health industry, but without the crazy hours. If you want to maximize your potential in website design, consider moving to Colorado, Washington State, or Washington, DC because they offer the highest per capita income in the nation for website design responsibilities. The best designers migrate to these states, which means there is a good chance the quality website your looking at was designed in some way in these locations.

Consider Working For a Major Company

Almost 60% of the website designers in the world today are employed by a major company. From an effective user experience to the development of sales leads, website designers are definitely worth their weight in gold. If you’re a website designer, consider an employment partnership with a major company because when you consider the health benefits and other perks that employment brings, you’ll likely come out ahead when compared to self-employment opportunities. If you’re on a major business website, chances are a fully employed web designer created that for your viewing.

Over a Quarter of Web Designers Have 10 Years of Experience

There is a maximum level of experience in web design that dates back about 25 years, but over a quarter of designers today have at least 10 years of relevant web design experience. A website that functions well, has little in the way of glitchiness, and offers an outstanding experience is likely the product of a highly experienced designer. That’s because they’ve work their way through the “cool looking website” stages already and have combined effectiveness and aesthetics together in one simple solution.

Are You Ready To Break Into Web Design?

If you’ve got the experience to design websites, the knowledge of HTML 5, and the ability to bridge compatibility issues, then chances are there’s an employment opportunity available for you today. Whether you fit the mold or break it, what matters most is that you’ve got the creativity and experience to create an influential user experience that generates leads and creates sales. Consider a career in web design today and see how bright your future could be!

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