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50 Bereavement Thank You Card Messages

Here are sample bereavement thank you card messages to help you express your gratitude to someone who has supported you during your time of loss.

1. We do not know what waits for us beyond death, but we can be certain of the precious gifts found in life. We are profoundly touched by the gestures of our friends and family. Thank you for the thoughtful [wreath/flowers/food] you sent to us in our time of need.

2. Thank you so much for assisting me with planning and organizing the funeral for my [grandmother]. She was a woman who was larger than life itself and with your wonderful guidance and assistance I feel that we were able to honor her life and legacy in a truly unforgettable way.

3. No one knows how to prepare for grief. Plans may serve no purpose while we are in the throes of bereavement. I am so grateful that you were able to attend the funeral, so that we may share in bearing the weight of our loss.

4. Thank you so much for all your help with organizing the recent funeral and reception for my [mom/dad/grandfather/grandmother/other loved one]. I had no idea where to start, but your guidance, help and suggestions made everything so much more manageable. And I think that together we were able to create an event that was a perfect celebration of [name’s] life.

5. Although we are suffering a great loss, we take solace in the fact that we are surrounded by those who care. Thank you for helping us find our way through in this time of need.

6. I really appreciated receiving your lovely card and flowers following the recent loss of my [mother/father/son/daughter/other loved one]. Your words touched me deeply and it is so wonderful to know that so many others loved and respected [name] and that [his/her] life will live on in their memories.

7. Thank you for all that you have done for us since the passing of [name of loved one]. All we have left are our memories. It eases our pain to know we can find sanctuary in the arms of our loved ones who remain here with us on earth and that we can find support during our time of loss, helping to ease our burdens.

8. Thank you for helping to make my [Mom’s] memorial service so extraordinary. Not only was it incredibly comforting to have you there but hearing you share such wonderful stories from her life made me laugh and cry at the same time. It was lovely to hear how she has left such a legacy in so many people’s lives.

9. Sometimes it is not a kind word or action that is needed, rather the simplicity of knowing, but not saying anything. Just to be together, allowing grief to wash over our bodies, knowing that we are not alone. I am eternally grateful for your attendance at the funeral of our beloved [name of loved one]. Thank you for your support during our time of loss.

10. Thank you for taking the time to drop off such delicious food as we struggled to cope over the past few weeks with the sudden loss of our [mom/dad/son/daughter/other loved one]. Your thoughtful kindness in preparing meals for us helped take some of the stress out of our days and gave us the strength to keep going.

11. It is impossible to know what waits for us beyond death. The visceral feelings of loss are swift and know no boundaries. Thank you for being a dedicated friend with which we can share our grief.

12. Thank you so much for your beautiful card and words following the recent passing of my [mother/father/son/daughter/other loved one]. Now, the days seem very dark indeed, but knowing there are so many people who loved [him/her] helps bring some comfort and welcome light.

13. Death is a reminder that life is precious and that we should cherish every moment. The anguish and heartache a loss leaves can be mitigated with the kindness of family and friends. I sincerely appreciate the [wreath/arrangement] you provided for the service.

14. I sincerely appreciate the cash donation you made to my [wife’s] favorite charity in her name and honor. Supporting the work of that charity was one of her greatest joys in life and she would have loved to know that even when she is no longer here to help in person, she can help them continue to do their amazing work.

15. Despite the troubles we have faced during this time, we are humbled by the people in our life who stop to grieve with us, offering whatever they can to help see us through. Our sincerest thanks for the thoughtful [card/flowers/arrangement] you have given us.

16. I am incredibly grateful that even though you couldn’t attend the recent funeral service for my [mom/dad/grandfather/grandmother/other loved one], you took the time to send such a touching card and share some of your personal memories. We read some of your stories out at the service and they helped make the service even more beautiful and memorable.

17. I wanted to send a little note to say thank you for providing reassurance during the funeral of our dearest [name of loved one]. The comfort you have given us during a difficult time knows no bounds. It serves to provide temporary relief from an aching wound created by death. Thank you for your support during our time of loss.

18. Thank you for lending your beautiful singing voice to my [sister’s] funeral service. You performed such a wonderful rendition of one of her favorite songs and helped make the service unforgettable. I know that wherever she is now, [name] would have been smiling as she heard you sing.

19. I do not know how to thank you for your support during our time of loss. The passing of [name of loved one] has left us with grief that consumes our every waking second, but our relationships keep us grounded, helping us work towards the future and a time when the pain subsides.

20. We will never know for sure whether death is a pathway to a new life, but we can be certain that some aspects of life remind us why it is worth living. Thank you for being such a considerate friend, and for sharing such a beautiful [floral arrangement/wreath/card] with us. These simple acts offer emotional nourishment for those left in the void of loss.

21. I’m not sure I have the words to thank you properly for helping to plan my [brother’s] post-funeral reception. This was a task that seemed overwhelming on top of losing him and organizing everything else. I will never forget your kindness and the way you stepped in and quietly and easily pulled something together that was a perfect tribute to him and everything he loved in life.

22. Please accept my sincere thanks for your very generous cash donation that helped cover the costs of the recent funeral and burial of my [mother/father/son/daughter/other loved one]. Your kindness came at a time when we were feeling desperate. I know that without your assistance, we would not have been able to organize such a beautiful service or a burial that perfectly matched their wishes.

23. We are so grateful for your [donation/food/flowers]. We were deep in the middle of sadness and sorrow, and you have given us warmth and comfort, reminding us just how beautiful life can be.

24. Please accept my sincere thanks for sending such a beautiful arrangement of flowers to my [grandfather’s] funeral. He always loved being in his garden and in nature so I know he would have loved seeing them.

25. It can be said that compassion is the antonym of death, and we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by an endless supply, evident in the gestures of the people around us. It is difficult to put into words just how thankful I am that you were there for me during the service for [name of loved one].

26. You will never know how comforting it was to have you sit beside me and walk with me during the recent funeral for my [husband/wife/mother/father/son/daughter/other loved one]. Your strength and love helped me through one of my darkest days and I will never forget your support and kindness.

27. For all the world has sought to define an existence beyond death, to soothe the souls of the living. In reality, all we must do is seek reprieve among friends. I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for all that you have done for us since the death of [name of loved one].

28. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending the wonderful [floral arrangement/card/food]. It was exactly what we needed at that time. The loss of a loved one, whether sudden or slow, is a reminder of the little things in life that we should not take for granted. All that you have provided to us in our time of need is appreciated beyond measure.

29. Finding a safe harbor during a time of need is difficult. We are truly blessed to have people with which we can seek refuge. Thank you for lending an ear and helping us to remember our dear [name of loved one].

30. Thank you for helping to organize the party to celebrate the life of my [mom/dad/ grandfather/ grandmother/other loved one]. [He/she] always talked about how they didn’t want a sad funeral full of teary mourners but a full-on celebration of life. With your help, I think we pulled that off and it makes me so happy to think of laughing, smiling and [name] dancing along to the music with us all.

31. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you making such beautiful food for my [mom’s/dad’s/grandfather’s/grandmother’s/other loved one’s] post-funeral reception. [Name] loved their food and always said how much [he/she] loved your cooking. Knowing we were sharing in something that was so special to [him/her] helped bring some joy to an otherwise sad day.

32. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your kind words of comfort at my [husband’s] recent funeral. All the little words and messages I received from friends and family helped make the sadness and burden feel a bit more manageable and that is something for which I will be forever grateful.

33. Thank you for helping plan such a moving memorial service for my [mom/dad/ grandfather/ grandmother/other loved one]. The choice of music, flower arrangements, venue, and service truly captured everything [he/she] loved and I know I simply could not have done it without you.

34. The funeral for our loved one was so difficult, but the kindness of people like you has made it easier to get through. I am so very thankful for the [floral arrangement/wreath/card] you sent to the service. I do not know how we would get through this without [friends/family] like you.

35. With so much to do in this challenging time, I am truly thankful for the [floral arrangement/wreath/card/food] you sent to us. I never knew how much such a simple gesture could mean, but truly there are just no words to convey to you how much I appreciate it.

36. I genuinely appreciate the beautiful floral arrangement you sent to the service for [name of loved one]. It arrived in a moment of despair and hopelessness. The lasting sting of our loss was still fresh, and your gesture was a gentle reminder that we are surrounded by understanding and sympathy.

37. Even though we have suffered a great loss, we are forever thankful for the [food/flowers/donation]. Words cannot express the warmth your charity has given us.

38. Thank you for the exceedingly kind donation to my [mom’s/dad’s/grandfather’s/grandmother’s/other loved one’s] favorite charity. [He/she] always hated the idea of wasting money on flowers at funerals and always thought that people’s money could be spent much more usefully on helping those that really need it. Your donation will help keep [name’s] legacy and dream alive.

39. I sincerely appreciated your taking the time to attend [name’s] funeral. I still can’t believe that my [son/daughter/other loved one] and one of the greatest lights in the world has gone, and know I wouldn’t have had the strength to get through that day without the support and love of everyone who turned up to help celebrate [his/her life].

40. Please accept my sincere thanks for creating such wonderful flower arrangements at the recent funeral for my [mom/dad/ grandfather/grandmother/other loved one]. They were not only [name’s] favorite flower, but their color and beauty helped remind everyone that even in our saddest moments there is splendor all around us.

Best Quotes for Bereavement Thank You Card Messages

“Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.”
Ed Cunningham

“Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.”
John Evelyn

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.”
Irish Proverb

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
Tennessee Williams

“A friend shares the good times and helps out by listening during the bad times.”
Molly Oliver

“Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.”
George Eliot

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

“Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.”
Publilius Syrus

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”
Woodrow T. Wilson

“One’s friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human.”
George Santayana

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