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30 Unique Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


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Facebook Marketing Tips for the Real Estate Agent

With over 500 million active users at any given moment, Facebook is a powerful and free tool that you can use to market yourself as a real estate agent. Social media helps friends and family connect with each other, which means this is the perfect opportunity to find new clients and promote listings. Chances are that there is at least one person out there, right now, who is either looking for a home or knows someone who is! In order to take advantage of the marketing opportunities of Facebook, however, you’ve got to approach people in a unique way so as not to drive them away.

It’s Not About Sales – It’s About Engagement

People don’t want to be hammered with sales messages from someone. Assuming you’ve set up a specific page for your real estate marketing efforts, if you just keep hitting up your followers about your listings, you’ll find that many people either unlike your page or hide your posts in their newsfeed. That’s why it is important to engage people – ask them questions, ask them to submit content, and even ask them to share your content. The more engaged people are, the more of your listings will show up in their newsfeed, and the more likely you will be to network to others.

Are You Collaborating with Others?

Because Facebook is such a great opportunity to network, this is the best chance you’ve got to network with other real estate professionals. If you’re concerned about competition, then you can always network with professionals who are outside of your territory. With different perspectives headed your way, you’ll be able to vary your content in such a way that it makes it interesting and valuable to people who have liked your page. This value will then turn into engagement, that engagement into interest in a house potentially, and that interest then turns into them becoming a client of yours.

Contests? QR Codes? All Good Stuff!

When you offer contests on your Facebook page that have valuable prizes to the people who are following you, you’ll often get a better engagement with your overall products. If you can incorporate other marketing tools, such as QR codes, in with your contests, pictures, and listings, then people will have a better chance to be able to access the information they want right away. With maps to specific listing locations, links to pictures of a home for sale, and even coupons that can be redeemed through yourself or partners with whom you work, you’ll create an overall positive experience for each person through Facebook.

Ads Can Even Work Too!

Facebook allows certain posts to be sponsored for a very reasonable price. For less than $10, you can have a listing reach over 3,000 people and guarantee that they at least see the listing. In today’s marketing, it’s difficult to find a better value in a paid service. When you combine all of these efforts together, you’ll have a wonderful chance to pick up new clients and sell more properties right away. Start today by creating your own Facebook page!

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