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History Timeline of the Entrepreneur and Small Business

History Timeline of the Entrepreneur and Small Business

The Virtual Evolution Of The Industrious Entrepreneur

In the Middle Ages in Europe only a quarter of the population worked outside of agriculture. They consisted of merchants, craftsmen, and textiles. The market place for the first time became a central focus. The period saw 10% of the population controlling 50% of the wealth.

Then with colonial expansion and advancement in ship building lead to the creation of The Dutch East India Company in 1637. The Company owned at its peak over 4785 ships that transported more than 2.5 million tons of goods. Among these goods would be Tobacco and Sugar Cane, which would be traded and sold for cash at the numerous trading posts popping up all over the growing young country the US.

Industrial Revolutions

Refining times came along with the industrial revolution. The entrepreneurs of the area were forward thinking individuals and where able to transform the US as well as the global landscape, with remarkable advancements in technology, transportation, energy and communication. The most telling development of this age was the enormous expansion of a centralized credit system. This new and expanding system led to the first ideas known as inflation.

Influence on Advertising

As credit and inflation was taking of around the world and in the US, the advertising industry finally found its own well grounded foothold. The industry saw a 4% increase with over 600 million dollars of revenues in the year 1910. Mass media had become a reality with newspapers, radio and a TV ad boom in 1948. Advertising revenues increased by an earth shaking 515% between 1947 and 1948.

Information Age

The PC brought with it the rise of the information age. The internet opens the air waves to a global reach and constant connection between individuals and business in every part of the world. The small merchant is finally able to reach buyers 24/7 on every continent. In 2012 the interment saw gross sales of 895 million with new buyers up 83%. The overall value of the merchandise sold on EBAY has increased by an average of 14% every year since its inception. The most interesting statistic about EBAY is that 57% of revenues are from outside the US.

With the advancements of GOOGLE advertising resources and Cloud storage and interaction, today’s inventors and entrepreneurs are hitting their stride with crowd sourcing to increase the industries pace of innovation. Generating new ideas or by completing tedious tasks by organizing the resources of larger groups of people. P&G says that of all new products are generated from crowd sourcing which has seen an increase in new product development of over 50%.

What the Future Holds

What is the future of entrepreneurship headed? The digital information, share mobile economy is hear and is sure here to stay. Have an idea, kick it around the mind share community, enlist individuals with development and building tasks, market and secure investors. Are you ready for the future because it is here today!

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