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30 Good Student Class President Slogans

Student class President is a good position for those that want to make a difference in their schools. This is also a position that illustrates a desire for community involvement and volunteer work offering opportunities to students to build their portfolio. If you desire to campaign for your next student body campaign, here is a listing of 30 catchy and funny student class president slogans from others to help inspire you. These existing slogans can bring attention to your name and potentially win you a vote.

[Name] for reform. [Name] for action.
[Name] One Name, One legend.
[Name]. Because you’re worth it.
[Name]The Best, Forget the Rest.
Because life is too short to have a bad student government. Vote [Name].
Choose [Name], get some action.
Don’t be shy, Give [Name] a try.
Elect a born leader. Elect [Name].
Everyone says, “Elect [Name] for President.
Free Drinks on me. [Hang Over Fountain]
Get fresh ideas from a fresh official:[Name].
Get success, choose the best. Vote [Name].
Got [Name].
Got [Name]. [He/She] does a student body good.
I can do it, you can help. [Name]
I care. Vote [Name].
I give good government.
If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right!
I’m not your President until you elect me. Vote [Name].
Improve your school. Pick [Name] for President.
Making the world a better place since [Birthday].
[Name] stands for excellence.
Open your mind. Improve your school. Vote [Name].
Pardon Me. Can You Spare a Vote? [Name]
Two, four, six, eight! Vote for [Name], don’t be late.
Vote for [Name], he’s the one, give him your votes, he’ll get things done.
Vote for [Name], the man with the plan.
Vote for a fresh start on student council! Vote [Name].
Vote for leadership. Vote for [Name].
You change your underwear, now change your school!

Campaigning for the student class President seat is a step in the right direction towards getting involved and shows a positive reflection with college admission. The following infographic outlines additional factors to consider when looking at college and the ranking of importance for each category to focus your efforts.
Important Facts About College Admission

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