30 Funny Badminton Team Names

Badminton sees an annual participation rate of over 7 million players in the United States in 2012. More than half of these participants also take part in bowling. The origin of badminton dates back to the ancient civilizations of Europe and Asia more than 2,000 years ago. Originally referred to as shuttlecock, this game was renamed Poon in India and introduced in the 1800’s. The International Badminton Federation was created in 1934 as an organization that joined global nations together as a participating affiliate to compete in world championships. A listing of badminton team names that encourage and inspire participants are outlined below.

Bankstown Boys
Birdie Bashers
Encino Evil
Flying Gravity
Fury Us
Golden Racquets
Inland Empire
Monash Blues
Pencil Necks
Rainbow Rockies
Shuttle Blacks
Sunshine Coast Smashers
Tassie All Sorts
Tassie Bovines
The Beats
The Magnificent Seven
The Masterpieces
The Shields
The X-Factors
The Young Ones
Xtreme Executioners

When it comes to understanding the badminton court, the following infographic outlines the rules and lines to playing. The shuttle can only be hit once before it goes over the net. Similar to the court in tennis, lines are used to define the boundaries and service lines for the players. If doubles are playing, an alternate set of lines are used.

Guide to Badminton Court