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11 Skate Party Invitation Wording Examples

Roller skating never goes out of style and makes for a great party planning idea. From young children to pre-teens, to young teens, all age groups enjoy a roller skating party. Majority of skating rinks offer party packages, averaging $35 per child. Adding a themed invitation for roller skating will help to give a unique appeal while maintaining your theme. Add blacklights and glow in the dark items for your decorations. A selection of the best skate party invitation wording examples are provided below. These have been used by others and intend to help you gain your own inspiration for creating personalized invitations.

(name and age) birthday is here and we’re ready to celebrate. So bring your skates and don’t be late.

Cake, ice cream, and rollerblading. Come join us for (name and age) birthday.

Come roll with us for disco skating party as we celebrate (name and age) birthday.

Come skate the day away to celebrate (name and age) birthday.

Get ready to rock and roll at (name and age) birthday.

Get your skate on at (name and age) birthday party.

Grab your skates and head this way to celebrate (name and age) birthday.

Grab your skates and lets celebrate (name and age) birthday.

It’s a party! Grab some wheels. Come and skate (date).

It’s party time. (name) is turning (age). Please join us to celebrate with a skating party.

Save the date, grab your skates, come to the party and help celebrate.

The first early form of roller skates to be recorded were in 1760. The Belgian inventor attended a masquerade wearing these metal wheeled boots before crashing into a wall sized mirror. The first patent was not obtained until 1819 and continued to be developed through the ages. The toe stop was later added to skates, beginning their production in the 1940’s.

Development of Roller Skates

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