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The Negative Effects of Multitasking

Cost of Multitasking

It seems as if the common belief and understanding of multitasking for years was that it was essential, especially with an efficient workplace. Completing one particular task at a time was viewed as the weaker option of the two – especially when you could get so much more accomplished by multitasking instead. However, recent studies have proven that this understanding may have been wrong the entire time.

A Multibillion Dollar Expense

Even though it may have been viewed once before as an effective way for the economy to make money, recent reports have confirmed that multitasking in general has actually cost the worldwide economy well over $450 billion due to the amount of stress, mistakes and declined effectiveness that occur as a result.

The Truth about Distraction

One of biggest problems with multitasking is that it leaves us unprotected and openly exposed to the major threat of distractions. One study shows that the average consumer will check their smartphone or tablet well over 150 times each day and cannot successfully work on a single task for longer than 1 ½ minutes before they are interrupted. The worse part about being distracted, though, is that it takes a substantial amount of time to get focused again. One report calculated an average of 25 minutes to pick up where you left off completely after suffering from yet another interruption, which can easily become a major time trap.

The Dark Side of Multitasking

Keeping in mind the art of distractions and interruptions in general, it becomes a little easier to fully understand the dark side of multitasking overall. The individuals that pursue an active course of multitasking are usually victimized by drastically decreasing their productivity 40 percent As mentioned earlier, it is a major time trap that can easily force you to take 50 percent longer to accomplish one single task while also making 50 percent more mistakes along the way. There is even one study that states under heavy degrees of multitasking, it is even possible for the average person to decrease their IQ by a maximum of 15 points.

A Solution in the Workplace

Fortunately, in order to increase efficiency and productivity as well, quite a few studies have recently pointed towards the advantage of using video conferencing to stay connected. You will be able to increase productivity, decrease distractions, make a bigger impact within corporate discussions that are hosted through these meetings and also get the ball rolling in a positive direction when it comes to decision-making within the workplace.

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