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31 Catchy Emergency Room Slogans

The emergency room can be a very scary place. This is where you go when you have a serious injury or a medical emergency that needs immediate care. Many times, it is a matter of life and death for the patients that come through the ER doors. Ensuring that everyone is calm and relaxed is a large part of a hospitals duty and service to the community. Putting up inspiring posters with hopeful messages about how great the facility they are at truly is can bring peace to people in very troubled times.

A state of mind.
We Can’t Fix Stupid. But We Can Sedate It!
Waiting Is Good. It Means You’re Not Going To Die.
When Seconds Count….Training Makes The Difference.
All Nurses Are Made Equal But Only The Finest Become Emergency Room Nurses.
Failure Is Not An Option.
Our Mission Is Your Health.
Prepare For The Unexpected.
Can You See The Light?
Personal Care. Professional Approach.
We Practice What We Preach.
Delivering the BEST in Emergency Care.
A Safer You Is A Safer Me.
Skills That Heal. Hearts That Care.
Healthy People. Outstanding Care.
Choose Well. Be Well.
Trusted For our Experience. Chosen For Our Care.
Small Enough To Care. Large Enough To Heal.
A Passion for Caring.
Putting More Care Into Your Health.
We Put People First.
A Leading Light In Health Care.
Our Specialty Is You.
Did You Record It?
There Is A Difference?
When Only The Best Will Do.
Hope Lives Here.
Creating Healthy Tomorrows.
When It Takes a Miracle, We’re There.
Bringing Care, Hope, and Excellence.

This intense video is part of a powerful documentary series that follows the lives of emergency room workers in the heart of New York City. It shows just how chaotic and hectic life in the ER can truly be and why it is so important to stay calm.

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