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30 Captivating Chris Brady Quotes

Chris Brady is a New York Times bestselling author and business owner dedicating several decades of his life to teaching about leadership and success. With a long list of awards, Brady is known as being one of the top 50 leadership and management experts as listed by Inc. Magazine. Here is a collection to some of the best Chris Brady quotes to remember.

“A good book is hard to read, on account of how often it makes you stop and think.”

“Being a leader is a study in managed frustration.”

“Cynicism is what happens when skepticism is given too much latitude.”

“He’s finally starting to get his shot down. He’s one of the scorers we depend on.”

“I tried not to think a lot about it and just went out there and kept throwing strikes.”

“If more kids are involved in basketball at a younger age, it will have more of an impact later. A typical high school kid . . . I don’t know if it will have much of an impact.”

“It was a quagmire. You just had to dig in and keep pushing.”

“It was obvious to me it was inadequate. That’s going to change. We are going to have the absolute right to monitor anytime we see fit to.”

“It’s hard to be less than happy when you can be happy with less.”

“Leaders lead for the joy of creating something bigger than themselves.”

“Leadership is about doing the right things; management is about doing those things in the right way.”

“Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.”

“Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction, and character of the leader.”

“Life should be about purpose and meaning and cause and fulfilling our personal, God-given destinies.”

“Mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

“No guts, no story.”

“No one should ever go hungry, what with chewing ourselves out, eating crow and swallowing pride.”

“No person is great in and of themselves; they must touch the lives of other great beings that will inspire them, lift them, and push them forward.”

“Our privileges are not for our pleasure but rather for our purpose.”

“People were standing around and not having a place to sit.”

“The only way to BE happy is to GIVE happy.”

“There’s obviously a lot of activity that we need to be involved in in town.”

“To think that the wise are not capable of folly is not wise.”

“We missed a whole lot of easy shots in the first half. We talked at halftime, and I think that’s when we really turned it around.”

“We were just kind of trying force things too much. We played the third quarter like we were behind. We were trying to force things in to early and not trying to be patient on offense.”

“We were trying to do the right things. I just think we were trying to do them too impatiently. We had control, but it was kind of a slow-paced game. We never could kind of break free.”

“We were trying to force things too much. We were too impatient.”

“When we investigated the success of this program, we [saw] success at or above the desired learning level.”

“You can’t take your same old self into a bright new future. You would only darken it.”

“You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you don’t have. Because to know and not to have is not to know.”

Chris Brady, the CEO and Creative Director of Life Leadership shares how two entrepreneurs risked everything to start their own business.

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