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15 Breathtaking Chris Cole Quotes

Chris Cole is a professional skateboarder, known for his associations and sponsorship’s of DC Shows & Apparel, Monster Energy, Grizzly Griptape and more. As a professional skater, he quickly rose to the top after completing a number of difficult tricks. Here is a list to some of the best Chris Cole quotes to remember.

“Anybody willing and able to talk about it, we were wanting to talk to them.”

“Definitely those age groups are our biggest.”

“He has consistently opposed war and violence. He has worked for peace and to educate in particular young people about non-violence and the power of non-violence.”

“I don’t like to cut. I run straight ahead. It’s more fun.”

“I need to live up to my potential, wherever that may be, in all aspects of my life. My head gets in the way, and I need to look at the big picture – that this is the best, and I am living my dream.”

“I wanted to be that guy when I was younger. I had pictures of him everywhere — on my walls, in my notebooks. Everything he did, I wanted to do. He was my favorite skater, by far.”

“It’s a strange phenomenon how this piece of wood, wheels and a turning system has made so many people so happy.”

“It’s impossible to keep up with Paul. He’s one of the chosen ones who’s one with his board.”

“It’s spiked within the last couple days.”

“Life is one of Gods greatest Journeys, But Death is the next great Adventure.”

“The kids that do have experience have other commitments.”

“They’ve been a real surprise. They’ve never played before and they actually won. They’re so enthusiastic and practice so hard.”

“We see homecoming as a way to build tradition. When (a school’s) been around for 150 years, it’s easy to have tradition. Being such a young university, we’re still working on it.”

“We’ve had a great week of training. We’re as prepared as we can be. As long as we stand up, it’s going to be a fun race.”

“With the way gas prices are tight now, we expect to have a full bus within a month or so.”

Here is a close up interview wiht Chris Cole during the European Riot Tour. Cole takes some time to discuss his rise to the top of skateboarding, dealing with the pressures of the spotlight, and working with his changing sponsorships.

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