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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates


1. Why does a company have a website? To have an online presence.

2. Why is an online presence necessary? To generate leads online or to facilitate online sales.

3. Why are online leads or online sales necessary? To increase revenue and thus profitability and often to ensure sustainability of a business.

If you look at the three simple questions and their obvious answers, then you would quickly realize that every online initiative you take is an attempt to ensure and protect the bottom line of your company, which is a certain amount of revenue and thus profitability and obviously sustainability. Thus, if your website is not having an impact on that eventuality, your entire online presence is futile. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate, it doesn’t matter what your search engine ranking is, it doesn’t matter how much time people spend on your website or at your brick and mortar store; all that matters is the eventuality – sales or leads.

Reducing Options and Increasing Conversions

How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions is a guide that will help you to realize the difference between cold traffic and hot traffic that is ready for conversion, general leads or visitors and prospective leads or customers. In a nutshell, what you should focus on and what is all important is conversion. Footfalls or traffic, outreach or heat maps are all indicators of progress or the present state. They only matter on paper. If you have to increase your sales, revenue or profitability, you need better conversions and how you can do it is discussed in the info-graphic.

There are dozens of ways to increase conversions and reducing options is a very effective one. Imagine yourself coming across a website to compare insurance and you get a dozen insurance companies, each offering half a dozen plans aimed at your financial profile. You will thus have six dozen plans to compare. Do you really have the time, patience or perseverance to compare six dozen different insurance plans? What would you do on such a site? You will either look at some filtering options to reduce your choices or you will simply close the tab or window and look for another site.

The same rational applies to all kinds of sites or stores and to every industry. With more options, situations become complicated, people become overwhelmed and no one wishes to indulge in complexities or confusions. When you are asked to fill out a large form at the time of sign up, you may get a little disinterested. If you have too many drop-down menus in a certain section of the website, you may not know which one to click or you may get perplexed. When you get prompted with too many ads or product suggestions, you will be distracted and may not end up buying anything. You may even avoid clicking on any of the ads in the process. Thence, it is obvious that reducing these options will increase your conversion rates.

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