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16 College Graduation Announcement Wording Ideas

Graduating from college is a large milestone in many people’s lives. Finding a way to celebrate this academic accomplishment will allow you to continue to encourage the individual as they move into their newly founded career and professional life. The below college graduation announcement wording ideas serve as some great samples to the types of messages you can use while planning your party.

A time to remember a time to share. A time to celebrate with friends and family. Please join us in attending the commencement ceremony of [name] on [date].

Each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow. With great happiness, we the graduating class of [school] announce the graduation of [name] on [date].

Every dream can be reached if you have the courage to work for it. It is with great joy and pride we announce the graduation of [name].

Hard word and perseverance have prevailed. [name] is graduating from [school] on [date]. Please join us for our celebration.

In growing, we have shared in learning, we have found friendship. The faculty, administration, and students at [school announce the graduation of [name]. Commencement will occur on [date].

The family of [name] proudly announces his graduation from [school], [day of week], the [date].

To succeed is to set a goal and achieve it. We proudly announce the graduation of [name] from [school] on [date].

Watch out world, [name] is graduating. We are proud to announce her graduation from [school] on [date].

We are pleased to announce the graduation of [name] from [school name]. [day of week], the [date].

We grow, we learn, we seek but for now we pause to celebrate. We, the class of [year] of [school] announce the graduation of [name]. Commencement exercises on [date] at [time].

We wish to share this time with you to laugh, toe smile and to cry because, before we realize precious years go by. [school] announces the graduation of [name] commencement ceremony on [date].

With hearts of gratitude for God’s amazing graces the family of [name] proudly announces her graduation from [school] on [date].

With joyful hearts we are happy to announcement [name] graduation from [school] on [date].

With the love and support of family and friends, I [name] am graduating from [school name] on [date].

With the passing of time, we have acquired knowledge understanding and friendship. With the help of many we are prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We the class of [year] of [name] on [date].

You are cordially invited to attend the graduation of [name] from [school] on [date] at [time].

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