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3 Keys to Creating a Loyal Blog Audience


Having a blog is only an effective marketing tool for your business or brand if you have readers. What good is a blog if no one is viewing it? Creating a loyal audience for your blog is not always easy, but it is definitely ideal.

Why Does a Loyal Audience Matter?

A loyal audience for your blog is so critical because about 81% of online consumers say that they believe and trust the information in blogs. It is also true that over 90% of companies that blog more than once each day have actually obtained customers from their blog. Blogging has the ability to work is you know how to create loyal readers that keep coming back and only build your online credibility.

Quality Content is Most Important

There is no secret tip or trick that can help you get loyal readers for your blog. The fact is that you have to focus on content creation and make it a top priority. There is no way around having meaningful and insightful content on your blog, because it is the most critical component to having a loyal viewership. About 97% of blog users decide to return based on the content alone. This means that creating unique and high quality content is the only real way to get loyal readers for your blog. If you are not going to make content a priority, you are simply wasting your time with a blog.

Respond to Readers

Some readers of your blog will be inspired to return if you answer their questions or respond to their comments. Having a comments section in your blog allows you to engage with your readers, which will only help you convert them into loyal blog viewers. Having a relationship with the blogger has been found to impact the viewing habits of nearly 25% of online users.

Personal Brand Matters

Creating a loyal blog audience is all about building your own personal brand. You need to be seen as an authoritative figure by your audience. This leads to trust and credibility that keeps readers continuously coming back for more. If you are known as a brand, you have a better chance at having readers of your blog that are loyal. Creating your personal brand is all about letting your readers learn about the real you and the things that you are most knowledgeable on.

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