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23 Great Birthday Wishes For Cousins

Many cousins have similar relationships to each other as their siblings. Celebrating their birthday can be a special event filled with past memories and rejoicing their time spent together growing up. To find the right message for your cousin, the following birthday wishes examples for cousins are listed below. These are encouraged to inspire your own creativity and inspiration for creating the right personal sentiment.

Cousin, you deserve a super birthday. My wish for you is that your day will be full of beautiful things and wonderful moments. Happy Birthday.

Cousins are God’s blessings, no wonder I count on you. May your birthday bring happiness and luck, make all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday sister.

Cousins are special, cousins are near. And you miss them the most, when they are not near. Wish we were together on your birthday, have a super awesome one.

Dear cousin, I have learned so much from you through the years, You have been there to teach me, help me, and ease my fears, You have done so much for me in such a sweet way. I hope you have a wonderful and a happy birthday.

Dear cousin, you have always been so special to my heart. I am so sorry that we are spending your birthday apart. You mean so much to me that I want to be there with you on this day, Happy birthday and be sure to celebrate in a big way.

Destiny is the reason that we were born in this world as cousins and relatives. Friendship, Understanding and Love is the reason that we went from being just cousins, to being best friends and lifelong buddies. Happy birthday bro.

God made you my cousin brother because he did not want your mom to feel that only her sister has got the best of everything in life. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Growing up with a cousin like you was awesome. Remember all of our great times and all of the times that we did really ridiculous stuff. I’m glad you’re my cousin. Happy Birthday.

Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive, and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.

Hope your birthday will be a perfect start to the whole year of happy days. Wishing a wonderful cousin a wonderful Birthday.

I am pleased we are related because I love you so. You are my cousin and my friend and someone I am pleased to know. We have grown up together and shared many things, and no doubt life will have lots more to bring. This card encloses wishes for a wonderful birthday, so enjoy your celebrations hope it’s perfect all the way.

Just like everyone has lots of friends but only one that they are really close to, I have plenty of cousins but the one I love most is you. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin.

May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. Happy Birthday.

My dad loves your dad because they are cousin brothers. And since I am a lot like my father, I love you too because you are my cousin too. Happy birthday cuz.

On your Birthday I want to thank you for not just being a cousin to me, but my best friend. I feel so comfortable around you. Have a lovely Birthday.

Regardless of us being cousins, I’m just glad that I know you as a person because you are really cool. Happy Birthday to My Cousin and Friend.

Smile and all your wishes will come true, live and the world will be a bliss. May happiness shower everyday, on your birthday I ask for all this.

Some people come in your life to make it fun and absolutely worth. Happy birthday my dear sister, thank you so much for taking birth.

We have grown up over the years and times have changed too. But you were and will be my favorite cousin, happy birthday to you.

We have lived a beautiful childhood and amidst all the chaos and busy days, I know I can’t tell you enough that you are wonderful in a zillion ways. Happy Birthday.

You a cute little cousin sister, who is charming and loving too. Thanks for brightening up our lives, here’s a happy birthday to you.

You have added a special charm to lives, a cousin sister I adore. May you be truly blessed on your birthday, may joy and success get more and more. Happy Birthday.

Your being there always makes a difference. My favorite cousin its your day. May you be blessed with the joys of life, wish you a very happy birthday.

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