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20 Happy Birthday Wishes To My Niece

Celebrating a niece’s birthday is almost like celebrating your own child’s birthday. Many aunts and uncles find themselves substantially close to their niece. Acting as not only a role model to their niece, but sometimes they can almost be considered a second mother or father. For those that want to wish their special niece a happy birthday, the following birthday wishes are provided below as samples to help inspire your own unique sentiment. These have been used by others and serve as a example to help spur your own creativity.

A special birthday wish for a darling niece. May all dreams come true. May this birthday bring you luck, happiness, and gifts too.

A special little fairy once told me a tale about a little niece that I love. Its true. She told me about my special niece, that is you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday wishes are sometimes like leaves that the wind just carries along. May you catch them all and hold on to them on your birthday and all the year long. Happy Birthday.

Bring on that special smile, get in your favorite dress and shoes. Have a blast, party hard. On your birthday, just let loose. Happy birthday niece.

I have been so blessed to have you for my niece. You are an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman, and I have grown more and more proud of you everyday. Happy Birthday.

I hope that your birthday is a happy go lucky, full of merry, get up and cheer good day. Happy Birthday.

I hope that your birthday is filled with the same great feeling that I get when I think of you, Niece. May it be a day of wonder and joy. Happy Birthday.

May you continue to bring beauty and grace to each and every day. May you continue to bring a happy and jovial spirit, too. May you continue to share birthday after birthday with your friends and family, because we will never forget to celebrate you. Happy Birthday.

Sending wishes and blessings your way. May each day bring you loads of dreams. Happy Birthday my dear niece, life is much better than it seems.

The pride that we have in our hearts for you bubbles over because of your kindness and the love that you show to everyone. You are very special and we love you dearly. Happy Birthday, Niece.

This card is packed with love, kisses, and loads of hugs. It’s be prepared just for you, and it’s been packaged nice and snug. Open it and experience all that it has to say. Be prepared for birthday wishes to fill your special day.

To my darling niece who is so cute. Here’s a birthday wish coming your way. May you be blessed today and forever. I wish you a very happy birthday.

When you see people smiling at you, don’t think they are weird. Your inner beauty shines so much that it makes people notice you. Happy birthday my beautiful niece.

You are a perfect niece – you are loving and caring. You are more than just a niece; you are also a friend and an integral part of our family. Happy Birthday.

You are nice, intelligent, elegant, classy and excellent – in short; you are everything that describes a niece. Have a great birthday.

You are the kind of niece I ever wished for. Seriously. Thanks God for granting my wish. Happy Birthday, niece.

You have something special in you – something that makes me proud of you; something that makes me glad to think that I am your aunt; and something that makes me feel lucky to think that we have you in our family. Happy Birthday, niece.

You make the world around you shine bright because of the beautiful light that you have inside. You are amazing. Happy birthday niece.

Your birthday is a beginning of a new year that is full of hopes. I wish you great smiles and laughter on your birthday, dear niece.

You’re the type of niece that is over the top, above the rest, head of the class, and A1. Happy Birthday.

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