29 Best Catchy Collision Repair Slogans

The automotive repair and collision industry operates as part of a larger industry of repair and maintenance. Half of all industry revenue earned is due to major services such as mechanical repair with only 30% factored towards collision. Many larger organizations factor in convenient locations, good marketing, and expansive services. However, the industry has a whole is very fragmented leaving much room for smaller companies to enter. To assist with the branding and marketing of your business, the following catchy collision repair slogans from other businesses throughout this industry are listed below. These are intended to help inspire the creation of your own unique marketing tagline.

Advancement through technology.
Get your car back to what it looked like before the accident.
Lets go places.
Multiple locations to better serve you.
No Limits.
Old fashioned service with advanced technology.
Our standard is excellence.
Quality without compromise.
Relax, we’ll take it from here.
Repairs done right since 1992.
Taking repairs into the future.
The call of the open road.
The most complete collision repair facility in the valley.
The nice guys.
The right choice in collision repair.
Truth in engineering.
Vehicles we specialize in.
We know our craft.
We know that our reputation is built.
We promise you professional and fast service every time.
We really care.
We take the dents out of accidents.
We will repair your car and return it back to original.
We’ll straighten things out.
We’ve gone green.
Wreck amended.
Your complete auto repair specialists.
Your dent is our first impression.
Your full service collision shop.

The below video takes some time to discuss what it is like to operate a collision repair shop and the type of requirements and facts to consider when it comes to necessary space and equipment. Many of the challenges experienced by business owners in this industry are discussed below.