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26 Top-Notch Ariel and Shya Kane Quotes

Ariel and Shya Kane are internationally acclaimed seminar leaders and authors of several award winning books. Known for their top rated internet radio show, they have been featured in several nationally distributed broadcasts. Here is a look at some of the top ArielandShya Kane quotes from throughout venture.

“All happiness happens when you are being in the current moment of your life. This moment of now is all there is.”

“Change is incremental. Transformation is exponential.”

“Each moment is an opportunity to hit the re-start button and step into right now.”

“Enlightenment is overcoming your bratty nature.”

“Having fun is a pretty powerful way to start any serious relationship.”

“If you are satisfied, you bring your satisfaction to the moment and fill the circumstances of your life with that satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied, however, no one and nothing can produce contentment for you.”

“If you cannot be yourself in a relationship, you no longer have one.”

“Invest and engage in this moment and the future will take care of itself.”

“It takes two to fight, but it takes only one to end the fight. And it always has to be you.”

“Listening pulls you into the current moment of your life, which is always new and endlessly fascinating.”

“The best present you can give is your presence.”

“The future won’t get here until it does and when it does it will be as a moment of now.”

“To build a respectful, kind and loving relationship, begin by being respectful, kind and loving to yoursel.”

“Transformation happens when you forget what isn’t and invest in what is.”

“Transformation is not an achievement, it is a lifestyle.”

“True surrending is when you do what is asked of you as though it was your idea in the first place.”

“Whatever you allow to be exactly as it is, allows you to be.”

“When you are in a community you realize that you make a difference, you matter, and this supports you in being your true self.”

“When you disengage from the story of your life, the facts of your past no longer determine or limit what is possible for you now.”

“When you’re here in this moment, you have thoughts, but you don’t have to listen to them.”

“Wisdom is the skillful manipulation of information so that the outcome is well-being.”

“World peace begins with you. The power of one centered individual cannot be underestimated.”

“You absolutely underestimate how much you are loved.”

“You are a genius. The only person who doesn’t know it is you.”

“You can only be exactly as you are in any given moment. The moment is perfect and so are you.”

“You make a difference, and the difference you make is up to you.”

Ariel & Shya Kane discusses practical enlightenment and changing your approach to living without stress and anxiety.

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