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75 Funny Bean Bag Team Names

Bean bag throw game and activities can get anyone to stat thinking about a picnic or family outing. Perfect for performing family competition among your loved ones, bean bag throws have always been an outdoor yard sport. Many variations exist with bean bags and boards that range from themes of golf, soccer, football, and baseball. The goal with any of these styles are to make the bag through the hole. If you are gearing up for your next family competition, a variety of bean bag team names will help you bring your competition to your next level.

All In
A-maize-ing Tossers
Amaizing Unicorns
Bag Bombers
Bag Off
Bag Stampede
Baggin’ and Braggin’
Bi Bim Bean Bags
Bing Bang Bong
Can’t Corn This
Children of the Corn
Corn Barbarians
Corn Crackers
Corn Doctors
Corn in the USA
Corn Stalkers
Cornhole Ladies
Dirty Bags
Fire in the Hole
Flying Tacos
Fresh Corn
Game of Corn
Get It In the Hole
Hardcore Corn
Hole Burners
Hole Dominator
Holy Baggers
Human Beans
In the bag
Irish Baggers
Lady Luck
Last Bag Standing
Maize Brigade
Maize in Yo’ Face
Maize Runners
Maized and Confused
No Clue
NorCal Cornhole
Old Bags
On the Cob
Operation Domination
Pirates of the Cornibbean
Shopping Bags
Shuck Dynasty
Shut Your Cornhole!
Silicon Bags
Smokin Fireballs
Tea Baggers
Team Awesome
The Bags of joy
The Ball Bags
The Bean Tossers
The Corn Crackers
The Corn Identity
The Corn Thugs
The Corncobs
The Cornholios
The Courne Identity
The Fun Bags
The Glory of Balls
The Grits
The Hole Enchilada
The Human Beans
The Outsiders
The Peppercorns
Toss Masters

The below infographic outlines the rules and guide to playing cornhole. A game similar to bean bags, contestants pitch their corn bags into holes on platforms looking to score up to 21 points to become the winner. A great backdoor game or family picnic activity, a selection of best folds to use when throwing the bag are provided below.

Cornhole Guide

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