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How to Order and Taste Wine Like an Expert


When it comes to dating, first impressions are everything. From how you act, eat, and represent yourself, your first date might be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. One way to convey confidence and sophistication is to have a good understanding of wine and wine lists. By taking charge and selecting the perfect wine for a first date, you can come across in all the right ways.

So, lets look at a few things you can do to order wine like a pro.

1. Before Your Date

The best thing you can do before leaving the house is some research. If the restaurant is already picked out, then search online to see what kind of wines they have. If you decide where you are going for food, then search around locally to see what restaurant has the best wine. Don’t hesitate to call the restaurant to get a better idea of their listing. In addition, check third party websites like Yelp to see what wines went well with what foods to get an idea of what to buy when you get there.

2. Pairing Wine with Food

When it comes to the night, use the waiter. It is more likely then not that the waiter will have a very good idea of what wine will go with what food you order. In addition, there are a few things you can keep in mind. The first is that the heavier the meal, the darker the wine you will chose. Remember that even the right wine may not be appropriate if you and your date do not like it. As a final suggestion, remember that when buying a bottle, you get approximately 4 glasses of wine for you and your date.

3. Examining the Wine

The final thing you can do to show your knowledge of wine is showing off the six S’s used to judge wine quality. The first is seeing. Look at the wine, and make sure that it is not cloudy, but clear instead. The second S is sniff, and is used to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the wine. The third S is savor, and it stands for the experience of the wine as you swallow. The forth S is swirl, which allows the wine to become oxygenated, increasing its taste. Finally, the fifth and sixth S’s respectively are Sip and Save the Show, which means that you should not overreact and rather stay cool and collected through the experience.

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