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29 Halloween Invite Wording Samples

Halloween is considered to be the third biggest party of the year behind New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. It is also the second most successful holiday commercially, following Christmas. Halloween tradition is built around activities of trick or treating, wearing costumes, apple bobbing, and visiting haunted attractions. This holiday is also represented by the colors of orange and black. Orange stands for Autumn with black representing darkness. For those participating in a Halloween celebration by hosting a party can be inspired by the following variety of Halloween invitation wording samples.

Attention all Ghosts and Goblins. You are invited to our Spook-tacular Haunt.

Be here by eight and meet your fate. Bring your scariest food concoction and your tastiest date.

Black cats and witches brew. This Halloween party invitation is for you!

Calling all Boys and Ghouls. We dare you to come to our Haunted House on Halloween Night.

Calling all Goblins, Ghosts and Freaks of the night! Creep, float or crawl over to our Halloween Costume Fright.

Come dance to Thriller and the Monster Mash. Crawl on over to our Halloween Boo Bash. Ghosts and witches and monsters too. They’re all invited and so are you!

Come! Enter the graveyard if you dare. Go past the ghosts to the Demon’s lair. Hold on, hold on with all your might! Do all that you can to survive this night.

Do not forget to carry the scales of snakes and tails of lizards. And some screeching sounds of bats, Let’s make this night a Halloween special. And get ready for a great pumpkin smash!

Don’t take your bag on the street. Come to our house instead for tricks and treats!

Eyeballs, cocktails & witches brew. some tasty snacks like a finger or two! Come to our party for some ghoulish fright and the most creative costumes in sight!

Fly over on a broom or float like a ghost. Just don’t be tardy for our Halloween Party!

Fright Night is almost here, get your costumes if you fear!

Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks galore. Scary Witches at your door. Jack-O-Lanterns smiling bright. Wishing you a Happy Haunting Night!

Ghosts, Witches, and Zombies, oh my! Be on the lookout for bats and broomsticks that fly! Join us for a spooky Halloween party

Gremlins and Goblins and Witches on brooms. You are invited to party under the moon! It’s the [last name] Haloween party that’ll be such a fright, Dancing and eating and music all night!

Halloween is coming soon, so grab your mask or your broom. The [last name] family will be your host, come dressed as yourself, a witch or a ghost! There will be food, drink and witch’s brew, Now all we need is you!

It might be Scary. It might be a Fright. But it’s sure to be Fun on Halloween Night!

It’s a Halloween party that’s sure to be a fright. Come dressed as your best and celebrate the night!

It’s the annual Pumpkin Smash, so get ready for a monster mash dance! And don’t forget, scare up a fright costumes are a must on this night!

Park your brooms, Hang your wings, Put on your tall pointy hats and Halloween masks. Carry the pumpkins and light the candles. Dress up and play pretend. It’s Halloween when we will party till the end.

Please Join Us For Pumpkin Stew and Witches Brew!

The moon is full, the wind is chill…This Halloween will be quite a thrill! A howling time awaits you this eve…but beware for you may not want to leave. Join us for some spooky shenanigans.

Warning! Refusal to come to our spooktacular Halloween party will result in loss of fun for everyone

Warning: If you refuse this invitation something awful may happen. You’ll miss out on all the fun! Please join us at our Halloween Costume Party.

We’re having a party you’re in for a scare. Its a Halloween bash so dress up if you dare!

What are you doing [day of the week]. I just have to ask? How about drinking, dancing and wearing a mask… Come on over for the harrowing fright the [last name] are brewing for Halloween Night!

You can come for the night, you can come for a flash. But come to have fun at our Halloween bash!

You’ll scream, you’ll cry and maybe just die. Once you see the the dreadful sights at our party on Halloween night!

You’re invited to a Halloween Scare. Come and join us if you dare. It’s our way of saying thanks to all of our friends without pulling pranks. Don’t be lame, don’t be naughty, creep, float or crawl to our costume party!

The below infographic outlines interesting facts and trends surrounding Halloween. An estimated 99% of pumpkins sold each year are used to make Halloween Jack-o-Laterns. The sale of Halloween candy in the United States averages an annual revenue of $2 billion. The costume industry averages $6 billion in yearly sales, with more than 60% of sales going towards the adult costume segment.

Halloween Facts and Trends

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