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26 Fourth Birthday Invitation Ideas

By the time children turn the age of 4, they should be able to say their name and speak anywhere between 250 and 400 words. Children this age also happen to tell stories and can answer simple questions. By the age of 4, most children hit milestones of counting, sorting objects by shape and color, and remembering parts of a story. Gaining familiarity with where a child develops at cognitively can help make choosing appropriate learning toys and gifts for your growing child. A selection of fourth birthday invitation ideas are provided below from other celebratory signs used by others. These are intended to encourage your own special event and creativity.

[name] is celebrating his/her 4th birthday. So help us celebrate, have fun, & play!

[name] is turning 4. Join us for fun, music and girly things galore.

[name] is turning Four. There will be fun galore! Please help us celebrate on this important date!

[name] is turning four. This is what we have in store…

A special birthday is almost here. Please join us for some fun Birthday cheer! Hurry, hurry don’t be late, We need you here to celebrate!

Any way you slice it, it’ll be a great time! You’re invited to a Birthday Bash in honor of [name].

B is for Birthdays bright and sunny, With lots of treats sweet and yummy!

Calling all knights and fair maidens too! Princess/Prince [name] summons you to an afternoon of birthday play… Come make this a royal day!

Calling all Super Heroes. Get here in a Flash! It’s time for [name] 4th Birthday Bash!

Here’s the Scoop! You are invited to join us as we celebrate [name] 4th Birthday. Dress for mess and come ready to eat ice creams best!

Hip Hip Hooray- It’s My 4th Birthday, So come & eat lunch. We’ll have cake & play!

It’s hard to believe He/she is growing so fast but it’s true, the time has come at last!

It’s time again to enjoy some good ol’ birthday fun! Let’s play & dance, sing & paint as [name] celebrates another one.

Itzza Pizza Party to celebrate the [name] Fourth Birthday.

Join us for a day of fun galore… Our little Princess/Prince is turning Four!

Jumping, tumbling, bouncing and fun. The [party location] is the place to come.

No time for sleep; We’ll stay up all night- Watch movies, chit-chat, & tell tales of fright!

Party Heart-y! [Name] is turning and you are invited to celebrate with him/her at a Birthday Party!

Please join us for lunch, birthday cake and more… [name] is turning 4!

Sweets, treats, & candy galore. A tasty celebration as [name] turns 4!

There’ll be lotzza pizza and lotzza fun for everyone! The scoop is [name] is turning 4! Please join us for a Birthday Party.

Toot the horn! Bang the drum! It’s a party! Can you come?

Turning 4 is so much fun. Let’s have a party second to none! Help us celebrate [name] Birthday.

We’re blowing up balloons and icing the cake! There’s a big Birthday Party that we hope you can make!

What’s better than having the Circus in town? A birthday party with lots of Clowning around!

What’s Cookin’ [name] 4th is coming soon so let’s bake cookies and lick the spoon!

The below infographic captures the trends off America’s youth with kids still in diapers beginning the early exploration with technology. An estimated 39% of children have interacted with a mobile device between the ages of 2 and 4. More than half of children between the ages of 5 and 8 have used a mobile device. Interesting statistics and facts about children and mobile technology is found below.

Kid Technology Trends

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