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4 Autozone Competitors that are Making Waves

Where do you go when you need auto parts? AutoZone has been a leader in the retail industry for professional and DIY mechanics alike for several years. It’s easy to get the part you need: just walk into the store, tell the clerk which vehicle you have and what part you need, and they get it for you. If you’re shopping online, you just plug in that information yourself!

We’ve rounded up 5 retail alternatives to consider when you need auto parts so that you can always find the best deal possible on your auto repair. Here they are!

NAPA Auto Parts – https://www.napaonline.com/

Just like AutoZone, NAPA Auto Parts allows consumers to walk into their physical store locations to get virtually any part you may need for your vehicle. NAPA also has a website that is setup in a similar way to AutoZone. The one advantage? Many mechanics associate themselves with NAPA Auto Parts and so you can often get high end brand name parts for a slightly better price than AutoZone in some instances.

NAPA is also helpful when it comes to the warranties that a part may have. Even the best parts can fail sometimes immediately after putting them on your car. Take the part back to NAPA, explain the situation, and you’ll get the one-on-one help you need to take care of the problem without having to spend a fortune.

Napa Auto Parts

Amazon.com – https://www.amazon.com/

The online retail giant is a surprisingly good resource to order auto parts. If you do some research before going onto this e-commerce platform, you can look for the specific part you want through Amazon’s search function. Local retailers of auto parts are partners with Amazon and they offer some amazing deals on the same auto parts sold by the national chains. It is possible to save upwards of 50% on the retail price of some parts without a sale! Add Amazon Prime to the mix and you get free 2 day shipping as well!


O’Reilly Auto Parts – https://www.oreillyauto.com/

You’ll pay about the same price for auto parts at O’Reilly as you would at the other chain retail stores, so how does this store set itself apart? Through friendly, helpful service to the DIY mechanic. When you’ve got a big job to do at home, it’s easy to not realize you’ve ordered the incorrect part. O’Reilly makes the exchange process easy and you can often get helpful advice in-store for how to make a repair task easier. A website helps make the ordering process just as easy as AutoZone’s as well.

OReilly Auto Parts

CARQUEST Auto Parts – https://www.carquest.com/

In many CARQUEST locations, you may find that the auto parts are a little more expensive than they are at other similar retail brands. What you will also find at a CARQUEST location is a wide variety of tools in stock that will help you be able to pick up the right tool you’ll need for the job. Some DIY tasks require a specific tool that just isn’t available anywhere else… but it’ll be available at CARQUEST! They also have a helpful website to help you locate and source parts.


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