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11 A/B Tests that Will Dramatically Lower Your Advertising Costs

A/B Testing is an integral part of marketing and research. Most companies conduct several A/B tests before finalizing a marketing strategy. Some companies launch their marketing campaigns and then conduct a few A/B tests to understand the efficacy and impact of various elements in the marketing strategy.

The following infographic outlines the importance of testing your website to increase the effectiveness of call to action buttons, navigation, and product selection process.

Site Testing

Popular Marketing Mediums

Regardless of what you are marketing, which platforms or mediums you use and whether or not you have already launched the campaigns, you need to be aware of the crucial elements that would make your campaign more effective and rewarding.

The concept of A/B testing is quite simple. There are two elements, namely A and B, which are considered to be variants. These two variants or elements are changed randomly to assess their consequential impact on the marketing campaign.

Integrating Promotional Offers

For instance, if a promotional offer allows a 20% discount and gives a timeline of 24 hours to use the discount then the two elements or variants, ala A and B would be 20% discount and 24 hours respectively. Now, let us consider that this offer draws attention of a thousand people and out of them about two hundred respond to the offer. In effect, you have reached out to a thousand people and have managed to convince only two hundred with your proposition.

It can be thus concurred upon that the people who have been convinced found either or both elements, ala A and B, appealing or utilizable. Now, you can change A and B in tandem or in sequence and can check out the impact. It may so happen that a window of 48 hours instead of 24 hours may convince more than two hundred people of the thousand people your offer has reached out to. It may also happen that 25% discount instead of 20% may appeal to more than two hundred people of the thousand you have reached out to.

Presentation Tactics

Likewise, there are other parameters of offers, different methods of presentation, features on the presentation webpage or any medium that you use and several other terms and conditions including the information that the customer or prospect would have to furnish. All these parameters or elements can be tweaked and tested to find out the key influencers or the most impactful variants.

In the slide share, you would come across 11 such A/B tests that you should run to not only understand what factors would make a positive or negative difference but also to formulate the most effective marketing strategy.

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