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101 Catchy Save the Rainforest Slogans

Here are the 101 greatest “save the rainforest” slogans ever created. These will help spread awareness to protect the Amazon and other tropical rainforests.

A drop harvested is a crop harvested.
A place of enchantment and represent the splendor is nothing but a rainforest.
A Plant A Day Keeps The Floods Away.
Ban The Saw!
Be Climate Clever. Let the Trees Linger.
Be mad about saving the rainforests.
Consider the birds and the bees and stop cutting down them trees.
Cut Down On Cutting Trees.
Cutting Down The Rainforest Is Bad All Around.
Dare To Be a Force Of Nature.
Deforestation: No Tree Left Behind.
Do Your Duty To Keep Nature A Beauty.
Don’t Let Mother Nature Become Once Upon A Time.
Don’t Monkey Around, Help Save The Rainforest.
Don’t Risk the Whole Forest for a Tree.
Don’t let mother nature become a “once upon a time.”
Embrace the green revolution.
Feel better, move better, be better.
Feel Free To Plant A Tree.
Follow The Frog!
Forests are green, oceans are blue, keep the Earth clean, for me and you.
Forests: Nature At Your Service.
Get Wild About Saving The Rainforest.
Go And Save Rainforests.
Go farther by saving money.
Green Revolution. The best solution to arrest pollution.
I Am a Friend Of Nature, What About You?
I’m a Friend Of Rainforests, What About You?
I’m a friend of rainforests, are you?
It’s a Rainforest Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand.
It’s All About Rainforests.
Join the Green Side.
Keep Calm & Save The Rainforests.
Kill The Rainforest, Kill Your Lungs.
Lend a hand to save trees.
Let The Green Be Seen!
Let The Rain Forest Stay Pure, So It’s Future Can Be Secure.
Let’s Save the Trees.
Lets think of saving money.
Love me, Love my Jungle.
Love Rainforests, Love Life.
Lower the Degrees and Plant Some Trees.
Make habit of saving money.
May The Forest Be With You.
May The Rainforest Be With You.
Mother Nature: Love Her or Lose Her.
Nature is my religion. The earth is my temple.
Nature Saves Us So We Have To Save It!
One raindrop raises the sea.
Plant a Tree, Grow a Flower, Lets Give Mother Earth Back her Power.
Plant Trees, Not Bombs.
Put yourself in our hands.
Rainforest Is My Friend.
Rainforests Are for All.
Rainforests Are the Place to Be At.
Rainforests save us so we have to save them.
Rock Your Senses.
Save Don’t Pave The Rainforest.
Save Nature – Save Rainforests.
Save Our Forest!
Save rainforests before it’s too late.
Save the Forests to Save the Planet.
Save The Rain Forest; Nuke The Whales!
Save the Rainforest for Next Generations.
Save The Rainforest So It Can Save You!
Save the Rainforest, Save Yourself.
Save The Rainforest, We Really Don’t Need The Lumber.
Save the rainforest.
Save The Trees Now And They Will Save You In The Future.
Saving money is good for you.
Saving money makes a lot of cents.
Saving money, the smart choice.
Saving Rainforests is the Only Choice.
Say No To Paving Paradise. Save The Trees.
Say yes to saving money.
Slogans Can’t Save Rainforests. But You Can.
Stand for trees.
Start saving money today.
Test the taste of saving money.
The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.
The forest is your friend. You wouldn’t harm a friend? Would you?
The future is in our hands. Let’s take a stand to preserve the land.
The nature of our future depends on the future of our nature.
The Rainforest Has A Friend In Me.
The Rainforests Are The Lungs of the Earth.
The Road to Recovery Starts Here.
Therapy that makes a difference.
Think Of The Monkeys.
Treat Our Existing Ecosystem Sacredly.
Tree Huggers Unite.
Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themself.
We Need To Breath, Save The Trees!
What do the forests bear? soil, water and pure air.
When All The Rain Forests Have Gone, Humans Will Be Next.
When It’s Gone It’s Gone.
When the rainforests are gone, how hard will it be to breathe enough oxygen.
Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, you should be saving money.
Why dont you try saving money?
You Don’t Have To Be a Doctor To Save The Rainforest.
You don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to protect the planet.
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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