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25 Mind-Blowing Jeffrey Pfeffer Quotes

Jeffrey Pfeffer is an American business theorist the specializes in management and leadership mindsets. Using his years of expertise to educate and encourage today’s leaders, here is a look at some of the greatest Jeffrey Pfeffer quotes to remember.

“80 percent of founders are forced out of their companies by their venture capital investors.”

“Although most people believe they can reliably discern when they are being lied to, the evidence suggests that they can’t.”

“Being memorable equals getting picked.”

“Companies with high levels of workplace trust enjoy higher stock market returns.”

“He was ultimately being pushed out of the company by his alumni mentor.”

“I have never heard anyone tell me that this would happen to them.”

“If doctors practiced medicine the way many companies practice management, there would be far more sick and dead patients, and many more doctors would be in jail.”

“Lying produces few to no severe sanctions, lying increases in frequency.”

“Men tend to be more narcissistic than women, possibly because men are somewhat more competitive and women are more communal, and also because narcissistic behavior would be much more gender-role discrepant for women than for men.”

“Narcissism levels are higher for Americans than for citizens of many other countries and regions.”

“Narcissism levels have increased significantly among college students over the past several decades.”

“No one who is unmemorable is going to be chosen for an important job, because one cannot select what one cannot remember.”

“Now consider the essence of the management education process—the business school experience—as practiced at leading institutions in the United States as well as those throughout the world.”

“Our ability to accurately discern who is taking advantage of us is remarkably poor.”

“Overconfident individuals achieved higher social status, respect, and influence in groups.”

“People who first had the opportunity to demonstrate that they were nonprejudiced were subsequently more willing to express attitudes that showed bias.”

“People with higher narcissism scores were more likely to emerge as leaders during four-person initially leaderless group discussions.”

“The level of narcissism has increased in presidents over time.”

“The sun’s rays, focused, are much more powerful than they are without focus. The same is true for people seeking power.”

“To change the world of work and leadership, we need to get beyond the half truths and self-serving stories that are so prominent today.”

“Weight gain was dependent on the weight gains of others with whom that person was socially tied.”

“When times are bad, administrators, closer to the locus of decision-making and with more power, protect their jobs disproportionately.”

“When two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary.”

“Women tend to underrate their achievements, and have less confidence in their abilities than their line managers have for them.”

“Your most important task as a leader is to teach people how to think and ask the right questions so that the world doesn’t go to hell if you take a day off.”

Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer appears in this Google talk discussing how leadership failures can be the cause of career derailments. With a look at ways to fix the problems in today’s business, Dr. Pfeffer uses research and findings to encourage his readers to change this path.

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