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23 Ways to Make Your Blog Succeed


When reading anything that gives insight into how to optimize your blog design, the first thing you need to do is relax. By no means are you expected to surrender the creativity that makes putting together a blog so much fun in the first place.

Even as you keep in mind the best ways in which to design your blog, you’re still keeping the extraordinary array of options that are available to you. Never forget this.

Blog Design Tips

Whether you’re building a blog for the very first time, or looking for ways in which you can dramatically improve the blog you currently have, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Using snippets on the homepage will accomplish two things. It can be designed to appeal to those who have short attention spans, and it will keep you from getting stuck with duplicate content.

2. Have a sidebar on the right, but make sure your blog’s primary content is still taking up about sixty percent of your page. It has been proven that people are less likely to read content, when you have the sidebar to the left, with the content on the right.

3. # Excerpts should be between five to twenty posts.

4. The design should be centered, featuring a width that falls somewhere between 951px and 1000px. More than half of the blogs you’re going to come across are going to feature a width that is somewhere in that neighborhood.

5. You certainly want to make sure your blog can be accessed, enjoyed, and shared across all available platforms, including laptops and mobile devices.

6 Scrolling social media options are a great way to increase positive attention for your blog, but keep in mind that anything more than three might be a bit too excessive.

7. A bigger font should be utilized for the body. If you take a look at the most successful blog sites going today, you’ll notice that the most successful ones start at around 11pt. You can go a little higher than this, but 14pt is the point in which you are perhaps overdoing it.

8. When you’re starting to work on the headline font, go with something that falls between 17px and 25px.

9. The vast majority of successful blogs use Serif or Sans Serif fonts.

10. Arial and Georgia are typically used for headlines.

11. Opt for a light background with a dark body text.

12. The more white space your blog uses, the better you will be at keeping reader attention.

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