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23 Statistics on Twitter Usage and User Growth

Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter has been steadily progressing towards the 1 billion mark for active registered users. There are approximately 135,000 new users that sign up each day with over 200 million unique visitors each month. Approximately, 58 million tweets are posted each day with over 2.1 billion queries made.

An estimated 43% of Twitter users tweet from their phone. An estimated 9,100 tweets occur each second with 40% of users watching tweets made by others but do not remain active on Twitter themselves. For 2013, Twitter projected revenue is $399.5 million.

Top 5 Retail Brands on Twitter

1. @WholeFoods – 3.5 million followers.
2. @zappos – 2.85 million followers.
3. @VictoriasSecret – 2.79 million followers.
4. @2hm – 2.74 million followers.
5. @burberry – 2.29 million followers.

Twitter Penetration By Country

The top countries for Twitter usage and penetration into the social media market are outlined below.

1. Saudi Arabia – 33%
2. Indonesia – 19%
3. Spain – 14%
4. Venezuela – 13.5%
5. Argentina – 11%

Twitter User Growth by Age

Between 2010 and 2013, the following growth has occurred by age group in Twitter users.

18-29: 16%
30-49: 10%
50-64: 7%
65+: 10%

Facts About Twitter IPO

The following video outlines the facts and statistics regarding Twitter’s IPO.

Twitter Usage by Race/Ethnicity

The following list of users by ethnicity are active on Twitter.

1. White – 51%
2. African American – 24%
3. Hispanic – 17%
4. Other – 5%
5. Asian – 3%

Future Twitter Trends

• Only 7% of Americans actively use Twitter with as low as 1 in every 13 Americans even familiar with the term or usage of sites like Twitter.
• Nearly half of Twitter users follow brands and companies compared to only 16% of social network users overall.
• More people engage in conversation through Twitter than any other network. This breaks down to 41% providing opinions regarding products or services, 19% seeking customer help, and 42% learning about new products and services.
• 63% of Twitter users access through mobile device.

Usage Statistics for Twitter

Over 70% of users on Twitter post personal updates with 55% sharing links from news stories. A fourth of users check their tweets several times through the day. Additional Twitter usage statistics are located in the follow infographic.

Twitter Usage Statistics

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