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23 Spectacular Gerald M. Weinberg Quotes

Gerald Weinberg is a computer scientist most known for his teaching and contributions to computer software development. As an author and teacher of psychology, he wrote one of his most well known books, ‘The Psychology of Computer Programming.’ Here is a listing to some of the most well known Gerald M. Weinberg quotes that give honor to his career.

“Books are no substitute for experience working with people, so now that you’ve read this book on leadership, go out and interact with people before you read any more.”

“Effective leaders often have to act even when they don’t understand all possible factors.”

“Good testing involves balancing the need to mitigate risk against the risk of trying to gather too much information.”

“If you are a leader, the people are your work.”

“If you cannot think of three ways of abusing a tool, you do not understand how to use it.”

“If you don’t have questions about a product’s risks, then there’s no reason to test. If you have at least one such question, then ask: Will these tests cost more to execute than their answers will be worth?”

“In the popular image, a problem-solving leader is a solitary genius, but the true leader prefers to produce a success.”

“In the seed model, Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered.”

“Leadership is familiar, but not well understood.”

“Linear models tend to define relationships in terms of roles rather than people: the boss rather than the person actually exerting influence. The organic model tends to define relationships in terms of one unique person to another unique person.”

“One of the hardest choices for technical stars who become leaders is losing touch with the latest in technology.”

“People don’t become leaders because they never fail. They become leaders because of the way they respond to failure.”

“Problem-solving leaders have one thing in common: a faith that there’s always a better way.”

“Testing does not improve a product; the improving is done by people fixing the bugs that testing has uncovered.”

“Testing gathers information about a product; it does not fix things it finds that are wrong.”

“The best computer programmers never write a new program when they can use an old one for a new job.”

“There are many technical workers who enjoy wandering so much that, like Alice in Wonderland, they don’t much care where they go, so long as they get somewhere.”

“There’s never an easy answer to the question “Should we do more testing?” because information can guide risk reduction, but doesn’t necessarily do so.”

“Unless and until all members of a team have a common understanding of the problem, attempts to solve the problem are just so much wasted energy.”

“What you don’t know may not hurt you, but what you don’t remember always does.”

“When is the ‘look out the windshield phase’ of driving? Pretty much all driving is looking out the windshield! It’s not a phase. Saying ‘testing takes too long’ is a bit like saying ‘safe driving takes too long.”

“Words are easy to change, but don’t accomplish much.”

“You don’t have to be a boss to be a leader.”

Gerald Weinberg appears at an event to receive the First Annual Luminary Award in Las Vegas, Nevada intended to honor his contribution to the world of software testing and quality excellence.

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