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10 Tips for Increasing Web Form Conversion Rates


Here are some of the key takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) Mobile Should be the First Avenue to Explore.
Ultimately, mobile seems to be the way things are going in a number of different regards. You should certainly create forms that take into account the increasing likelihood that your visitors are visiting you through a smartphone.

2) Keep it Simple, but Look for Ways to be Distinctive.
Your form titles should most certainly be as easy to understand as possible. Simplicity in user experience should rule a great deal of how you approach improving web form conversion rates. At the same time, you still want to seek out and utilize ways in which you can stand out from the pack. Optimizing your form’s CTA button is a good example of this notion. At the same time, consider ways in which you can serve to optimize the way the form looks, as well. This can include using colors that complement each other, but you can also consider working with blank spaces to a significant degree. Finally, remember that an eye-catching design can truly serve to go a long way.

3) Look for Additional Ways to Make Things Easier.
Everything really does come down to the user experience. This is something you are certainly going to want to keep in mind. You can certainly improve the user experience by minimizing the number of fields that your user has to go through. Cutting things down from four to three fields can increase the conversion rate by as much as fifty percent!

4) Pay Attention to the Items that Fill Your Field.
For example, if you ask for your phone number, the user may move on to something else. Some people don’t even like the implication that someone might call them later. Dropdowns can cut your conversion rate by an astonishing sixteen percent. Some people don’t even like to be asked their age. Cut fields that you don’t even really need to begin with. Optimize things further by looking for the best ways in which to phrase the questions you know you are going to ask people about.

5) Every Bit of Language Counts.
Believe it or not, but even something as simple as the submit button can challenge your conversion rates. A good example of this would be the fact that you want to avoid using the word “submit” on your page in any form or fashion.

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