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22 Splendid Sahara Sanders Quotes

Sahara Sanders is a modern writer covering a multitude of genres. From novels and poems to insightful psychological analyses, Sanders has several best sellers with high rating and reviews that can be found on Amazon, GoodReads, Scribd, and more. Here is a look at some of the best Sahara Sanders quotes.

“Be successful in your personal life and genuinely loved by the woman of your dreams.”

“Be the “magician” of your own destiny. Take control of your own fate. Be aware.”

“Big happiness consists of small pleasant things—like these!”

“CREATE happy moments. . . MAKE miracles happen!”

“Create your own “LUCK” in your personal life—instead of relying on “fate” and hoping that your happiness will spontaneously materialize sometime and somehow, as if by magic.”

“Fill the life around you with joy. It will be returned to you tenfold.”

“Generate happy moments. . . make miracles happen. Love is a miracle too.”

“Get the keys to the door of your own happiness.”

“If I don’t like some rules, I create my own ones.”

“If you want to radically change your being for the better, to feel satisfied about who you are, or to look slim and attractive no matter what age is stated in your passport, start with changing unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones —and make them your favorites.”

“Infuse your personal life with miracles and astonishment—not monotony.”

“Isn’t a “shortlist” like this enough to make you and your girlfriend want to yawn?”

“Isn’t this what everyone dreams of on our little planet? At the same time, who holds us back from fulfilling our own dreams, other than ourselves?”

“It is not really wise to make too many assumptions when you don’t yet have all the facts to do so. You may believe your conclusions are logical, while they may turn out to be totally wrong.”

“Let’s make our existence more joyous, fulfilled and full of positive adventures… Let’s add more vivid colors to life in the world around us.”

“Life IS a competition. ALWAYS. No matter whether any of us want it to be or not!”

“One of the most difficult (but utterly important) things to manage in life is to “KILL THE DRAGON” inside of ourselves—a strong, aggressive, negative “dragon” of nasty emotions that lives inside of you, me. . . everybody!”

“Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to describe the world the way they see it.”

“Probably this type of negativity can sometimes even be helpful in business, but it can also destroy any love or closeness, if you let it reach into your private life.”

“Proper nutrition is one of the most fundamental things on which anyone’s healthy and happy life can be based.”

“Why not fill your love story with truly wondrous and exciting activities, or surprise your date with something unusual and adventurous?”

“You could be a really great and fabulous person, but if your method of communication with a woman doesn’t trigger her physical attraction by “pushing the right buttons,” you will only ever be “just a friend” in her eyes.”

Here is a look at one of the books written by Sahara Sanders titled ‘Indigo Diaries.’

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