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20 Stupendous Rosamund Stone Zander Quotes

Rosamund Stone Zander is a pioneer in the field of leadership and relationships. With a leadership model that brings vision, passion, and contribution together, she has published her works in the detailed books, ‘The Art of Possibility’ and ‘Pathways to Possibility.’ Here is a look at some of the most notable Rosamund Stone Zander quotes.

“As long as I practiced in this manner, I found that virtually all the conversations we had were productive in a way I had never before imagined they could be.”

“Enlarge the box, or create another frame around the data, and problems vanish, while new opportunities appear.”

“Every problem, every dilemma, every dead end we find ourselves facing in life, only appears unsolvable inside a particular frame or point of view.”

“How often do we stand convinced of the truth of our early memories, forgetting that they are assessments made by a child?”

“I am here today to cross the swamp, not to fight all the alligators.”

“I began to write a different narrative: that my husband did indeed know me and love me, and was offering me the best he had to give.”

“If I cannot be present without resistance to the way things are and act effectively, if I feel myself to be wronged, a loser, or a victim, I will tell myself that some assumption I have made is the source of my difficulty.”

“If we were to apply this visionary concept to education, it would be pointless to compare one child to another.”

“In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.”

“Life is revealed as a place to contribute and we as contributors. Not because we have done a measurable amount of good, but because that is the story we tell.”

“Michelangelo is often quoted as having said that inside every block of stone or marble dwells a beautiful statue; one need only remove the excess material to reveal the work of art within.”

“On the whole, resources are likely to come to you in greater abundance when you are generous and inclusive and engage people in your passion for life.”

“Presence without resistance: you are now free to turn to the question.”

“Recognizing Pablo Picasso in a train compartment, a man inquired of the artist why he did not paint people “the way they really are.” Picasso asked what he meant by that expression.”

“The history of transformational phenomena—the Internet, for example, or paradigm shifts in science, or the spread of a new religion—suggests that transformation happens less by arguing cogently for something new than by generating active, ongoing practices that shift a culture’s experience of the basis for reality.”

“The man opened his wallet and took out a snapshot of his wife, saying, “That’s my wife.” Picasso responded, “Isn’t she rather small and flat?”

“We can replace the narratives that hold us back by inventing wiser stories, free from childish fears, and, in doing so, disperse long-held psychological stumbling blocks.”

“When you declare yourself an unwilling victim of a known risk, you have postured yourself as a poor loser in a game you chose to play.”

“Whenever somebody gives up their pride to reveal a truth to others,” I told him, “we find it incredibly moving; in fact, we are all so moved that even the cameraman is crying.” I hadn’t actually looked in the direction of”

“Who am I being that they are not shining?”

In this interview with Rosamund Zander, they discuss her book ‘The Art of Possibility’ and the principles applied to business and education.

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