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22 Good Catchy Oil Field Safety Slogans

The oilfield is one of the most dangerous fields of work that a person can be in, which means that safety is a huge priority to minimize the risks that are involved. Spreading great safety slogans around your workplace can help to remind everyone how important their safety truly is. Here are some wonderful slogans all about safety that can be used in the oilfield.

Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesn’t.
Be Careful. Be Aware. Be Safe.
Gambling With Safety Is Betting Your Life.
Keep Calm and Carry On Safely.
Luck Runs Out, But Safety Is Good For Life.
Play It Safe.
Precaution is Better than a Cure.
Safety Begins With Team Work.
Safety Is First Aid For The Uninjured.
Safety Is No Accident.
Safety Is Our Business.
Safety Is The Top Priority.
Safety Starts With You!
Safety. It’s A Choice, Not A Chance.
Stay Alert, Don’t Get Hurt.
Thank You! For Working Safely.
Think Safety. It Couldn’t Hurt.
Working Safely May Get Old, But So Do Those Who Practice It.
Working Together To Ensure a Safe and Healthy Work Environment.
You Are The Key To Your Safety.

This eye opening video is all about some real life cases of people being severely hurt and even dying while working in the oil field. This is a great tool to really drive the message of safety home to workers.

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