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22 Computer Sales and Ownership Statistics

Computer Sales and Consumer Statistics

Within the past 10 years, American’s access to computers and the internet has grown exponentially. On average, computers possess more than half of American homes. Over 53.7 million homes possess computers.

Computer Sale Statistics

As according to the International Data Corporation, the follow statistics of computer sales in 2012 occured.

1. Number of Computers Sold: 95.4 million.
2. Number of Computers Sold Globally: 355.2 Million
3. US Sale Revenue: $85.5 Billion
4. Worldwide Revenue: $329 Billion.
5. Number of Computer Sales of All Time: 3.287 Billion
6. Computer Sales Revenue of All Time: $4.835 Trillion

Purpose of Computer Sales

7. Percent sold for business: 74%
8. Percent of desktops sold: 81.5%
9. Percent of laptops sold: 16.4%

Top 5 Brands Sold Globally

1. HP – 17.2%
2. Dell – 12.1%
3. Acer – 11.2%
4. Apple – 10.7%
5. Lenovo – 9.3%

Demographics of Computer Ownership

According to ABC News a digital divide exists between races in the United States.

10. White Households: 46.1%
11. Black Households: 23.5%
12. Hispanic Households: 23.6%
13. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Households: 56.8%

The most popular use of the internet is reported for use of e-mail with 79.9% of internet users. Online shopping and bill paying is the second growing reason for internet use.

14. Utah is the number of ones of computer ownership with 66.1%
15. Alaska is the second highest rate of households at 64.8%.
16. Arkansas has the second to lowest rate of households at 37.3%.
17. Mississippi is the lower rate of computer ownership at 37.2%.

Tablet Sales Taking Over PC Industry

A video capturing the impact of table sales on the computer industry sales.

Tablets Owners

According to a 2012 report by the PEW Research Center, the following demographics own some form of tablet device.

18. Tablet
Women: 51%
Men: 49%

19. Age
18-29 years old: 26%
30-49 years old: 47%
50-64 years old: 21%
65+: 7%

20. Race/Ethnicity
White: 68%
Black: 12%
Hispanic: 14%
Other: 7%

21. Household Income
Less than $30,000: 13%
$30,000-$50,000: 17%
$50,000-$75,000: 14%
$75,000 or more: 46%
Did not report: 10%

22. Education Level
No High School Diploma: 3%
Have High School Diploma: 27%
Some College Courses: 23%
College or Advanced Degree: 47%

Tablet Industry Statistics

The following infographic captures the tablet takeover of the market. Tablets currently make up 6% of the overall marketshare with 14% of shoppers intending to purchase a tablet, approximately 28 million consumers.

Tablet Industry Statistics

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