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How to Get More Likes on a Facebook Business Page


5 Steps To Make Your Facebook Page Work For You!

There are literally millions of Facebook pages out there today that help to promote a business. Many of these pages are being ignored, however, because they just don’t work for the people they’re intended to support. Without any sort of value on your business’s Facebook page, your targeted visitors and customers aren’t going to care about getting your updates. How can you add more value to your Facebook page today?

Step #1: Make Sure You Have Accurate Contact Information

97% of all people utilize the internet to find contact information for a business they’re interested in contacting. By including all of your relevant information, including your business address, phone number, e-mail address, website, and other pertinent information, you’re giving people the option of contacting you in their preferred method.

Step #2: Your Cover Image Is Your First Impression

Many businesses believe that their first impression they leave people is the information that they share on their business page, but it’s not. The first thing that a majority of people see on a Facebook business page the first time they visit is is the cover graphic at the top of the page. An attractive graphic that communicates what your business does in a non-threatening, informational way will help people decide if they want to follow your business for updates or bounce.

Step #3: Make It So and Engage

Facebook is all about building relationships. People who follow your business page are looking to build a relationship with your company in some way. The only way to develop a relationship with a targeted visitor or customer is to have conversations with them! If they are talking to you, then you should be talking to them. Answer questions people may have. Be professional 100% of the time. The more you engage, the more people will want to see what value you have to offer.

Step #4: Don’t Go Crazy With Posts

A majority of people utilize Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. They want to see lots of pictures of weddings, kids, and talk to their loved ones. What they don’t want to see is a newsfeed that is filled up with sales pitches or posts that have little or no value to them. By limiting how many times you post on your business page to a maximum of 4 per day and spread those posts out throughout the day, you’ll be able to engage more people in a less threatening manner more consistently.

Step #5: Get In Touch With Your Language

People don’t always have the best grasp of their native language, but they can recognize when you’ve used poor grammar in a post, have put in misspelled words, or just haven’t taken time to proofread what you’ve posted. Make sure that you have used proper grammar, that you’ve spell-checked your status update, and that your post doesn’t talk down to people.

When you can do these 5 steps consistently, you’ll be able to have a Facebook business page that carries a lot of value. What changes could you make today?

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