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21 Wedding Invitation Wording Couple Hosting Examples

Weddings are more commonly becoming couple hosted with the bride and groom planning, organizing, and sponsoring their own special event. Some great tips for couples hosting their own wedding is to ensure they can connect with each person that is there. Involve your guests and provide welcome bags. It is also best to avoid long cocktail receptions that can lead to drunkenness or boredom. Ensuring that are guests are comfortable seated and have a variety of food choices allows each person to have something to enjoy. For couple, a variety of wedding invitation wording couple hosting examples are provided below to help get you started down the path of planning your own wedding.

[name] and [name] invite you to share our joy and support our love as we are united in the commitment of marriage.

[name] and [name] invite you with great pleasure to celebrate their marriage.

[name] and [name] request the pleasure of your company for a gathering of good food and great friends to celebrate a marriage.

[name] and [name] Together we laugh, we dream, we love and on this day we marry.

[name] and [name] warmly invite you to witness our exchange of vows and join us in celebration.

[name] and [name] with love, we invite you to celebrate our marriage.

Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love, we [name] and [name] have requested the pleasure of your company as we exchange vows and unite our lives.

Come celebrate, dance and sing, laugh and love, as we join our lives [name] and [name].

Join us, [name] and [name] for a weekend in the mountains and share with us as we celebrate our love.

Join us, [name] and [name] for feast and merriment in honor of our union.

Please celebrate outdoors with us amidst the beauty of our garden.

Please join us in a beautiful celebration of love and commitment as we [name] and [name] stand together and promise our love to each other.

Share in our happiness as we get married.

The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of [name] to [name].

Two hearts jointed in love. We request the pleasure of your company as we [name] and [name] exchange vows of marriage and start the beginning of many happy years ahead.

We have fallen in love to the church we must trot, now that its time to tie the knot. [name] and [name] would love to see you at their wedding.

We invite you to join us as we begin our new live together.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our love. On this day we will marry the one we laugh with, live for, and dream with. We have chosen to continue our growth through marriage. Please join [name] and [name].

You are cordially invited to share in the celebration as [name] and [name] are united in love.

You are invited to a celebration of the beginning of our new life together as [name] and [name] are united as husband and wife.

Your presence would be greatly appreciated at the wedding of [name] and [name].

The following infographic outlines interesting facts about weddings. Some of these include the reasoning behind wearing engagement rings on the left hand on the fourth finger. It was commonly believed throughout tradition that the vein in the left hand ran directly to the heart. The longest honeymoon planned to take place this year is 4 years.

Interesting Wedding Facts

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