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21 Proven Tactics that Spur Creativity


Consider these key takeaways from the following infographic.

1) Creativity is important
Within a recent survey of 1000 people, seventy-six percent of those polled said that being creative is valuable within society. Furthermore, seventy-five percent believe that being creative is something that is important to them on a personal level.

2) Creative people are healthy people
There is no question that creativity not only benefits mental and physical health, but it can have positive implications in other aspects of your life, as well. Those who perform creatively get health perks that are equal to being 6.7 years younger than their actual age. The household income for those who perform creatively can be up to fifteen times greater than the home of someone who does not.

3) Positivity
When people feel more positive emotions, they feel more creative. You can get your own creativity going by listing five things you are grateful for, listening to music that you enjoy, or looking at videos of things that make you happy.

4) Defining creative individuals
Research indicates that those who feel creative often come from feelings of social rejection. Those who have a sense of entitlement are often very creative.

5) Bringing out your creativity
There are a number of different things you can try, in terms of jumpstarting your creativity in a proactive way. Meditation is one possibility, and many experts believe that simply going for a walk can give you the end result you are looking for. You can also expand on your creativity by learning about something new, by talking to people who are different from you, or by picking up an object, and imagining the different things you can do with it.

6) The benefits of creative thinking at work
A flexible schedule, avoiding a competitive atmosphere, and standing up during a meeting are all things that can boost creative feelings while at work.

7) Establish creative spaces
In terms of establishing a creative space, the benefits can prove to make for a considerable list. You can help things along by using a high-ceiling room, working with dimmer lighting, and not worrying about a cluttered desk too much. A moderate level of ambient noise can also prove to be extremely useful, in terms of creating an atmosphere that is going to foster creativity in the best way possible. Brainstorming in the park can also be a great way to get your creative juices flowing, in terms of ideas that actually work.

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