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21 Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics


5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Today

Social media is bigger than ever in 2013, which makes it one of the best places to do some marketing work. The key to social media marketing is to provide people with a level of value that they cannot get from anywhere else. For some, that might mean receiving world class customer service for an issue that they’ve got. Others might look for engagement on posts they put on their newsfeeds. Still others are looking for information that they can’t get anywhere else. These 5 tips will help you make the most out of your next social media marketing campaign!

Tip #1: Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

People get a lot of advice on the internet today. A basic search engine result will turn up opinions about almost any subject that may or may not be valid. They could even just be a spintax article that someone wrote in Chinese and then used Google Translate to turn into English! Everyone pretends to be an expert, but not many people position themselves as an expert. Provide your experiences to your targeted visitors, give them your unique perspective, and you’ll soon find people are craving what you know.

Tip #2: Don’t Spam People To Death

One of the biggest mistakes social media marketers make is that they are always trying to sell their product. People don’t want to see “BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW!” on their newsfeed. They want to know more about what you’ve got to sell. They want information that is interesting enough that they can share it with their friends and position themselves as an expert too! If you can provide more information and fewer sales pitches, you’ll see your conversion rates climb quickly.

Tip #3: Be Authentic

Today’s potential customers are no different than any other customer throughout the history of humanity. People want to do business with other people that have a willingness to establish a relationship with them. They seek out brand loyalty and will pay more to get something good from someone they know and trust than some stranger with a website and a computer. Be yourself, engage your targeted visitors, and begin building relationships.

Tip #4: Use Lots of Images

People are more visual than ever these days. They don’t want to spend time reading 1,000 words of text to be convinced that what you’ve got is a good idea. Summarize a good idea you’ve got into a short sentence, impose that thought onto a stunning graphic that will grab someone’s attention on their newsfeed, and then let them choose whether or not that thought has value. If it does, they’ll look at what you’re offering in full.

Tip #5: Mind Your Manners

There are plenty of trolls out there in the land of the internet today. Many of them have one goal: to get under your skin and make you look like a jerk. Others may have a customer service issue for some reason that hasn’t been adequately resolved in their eyes. No matter what kind of comment you receive, just remember you’ll attract more targeted visitors with honey than you will with vinegar.

By incorporating these tips into your next social media marketing campaign, you may just find that level of success you’ve been seeking for so long. Use them today to see how far your next campaign can go!

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