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21 Mobile Commerce Trends and M-Commerce Statistics

21 Mobile Commerce Trends and M-Commerce Statistics

E-Mobile Commerce On The Move And Ready To Go

Not that many years ago it would have been hard for the big box store retail chain to have imagined how explosive the light weight tablet and smart phone technology would be to their business plans. An incredible billion dollar industry has catapulted itself into the forefront of multimedia marketing plans. The young self-confident e-mobile consumer is all too ready for the newest in gadget.

Expected Growth

Statistically speaking by the fast approaching year 2015 a rapidly expanding 24% of all e-commerce will be from mobile tablet and smart phone devices. Wow the percentage base is not as amazing as the dollar conversion, this slice of the pie computes to approximately 1.37 billion dollars flowing from a virtual mobile economy. Can you imagine the opportunity coming your way?

If you’re scratching your head wondering just why so many individuals are enjoying the m-commerce drop it at my door purchaser power, let’s take a look at what this group has to say. Time conservation is the biggest selling point, any ware and anytime opportunity. Deals are my real compulsion, no drive time, not gas expenditure and I can find the best buy for my dime.

Still not sure why this mode of marketing is on the move, let’s dissect the phenomena a little closer. Multidimensional multitasking at sub light speeds, gives a busy lifestyle an entertaining way to keep up with their peers. At work, on the bus or train, soccer practice or watching a game, and our young moms favorite at the park with the kids.

Now that you got the picture are you wondering what the breakdown of mobile commerce looked like just this past year? You are surely aware but may still be surprised by the amazing 525% growth rate for retailer down loadable apps. An amazing percentage of time spent finding the best buy for their dime a whopping 247% on price comparison. Now if that was not enough what may really expand your mind is an incredible 228% increase in time spent with purchase assistance.

You got it a two way communication with your own well trained and well staffed multimedia sales team. As important as this is its good to know that a rapidly expanding 178% increase in individuals surfing online marketplaces. Let’s make a real deal online has increase by 126% in 2012, everyone wants a deal and many m-commerce consumers are checking out their daily deal opportunities.

So, you are not in the electronics end of the business spectrum. Just why should you care, ah that may just be the question swirling around in your head. The future predicts that by 2015 81% of US cell phone users will own smart phones and survey says 62% of current smart phone users have purchased physical goods via their phone. Anything from vacation plans to weekly food purchased all over their very user friendly smart phone.

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