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Great Startup Business Case Study Analysis Example


Just What Does It Take To Create A Bloggers Paradise?

One phenomenal Start up may just be the template others may want to follow. Who is not looking for the formula to their next great project? Barking Blogs has an interesting take on their own creative process. Do you have what it takes to be the next big traffic explosion on the net?

An open mind and an inquisitive eye are good assets as a new blogging or branding project is undertaken. Just what is the relationship between Brands and Bloggers, and how can anyone make the most of this relationship. It is important to create a cohesive relationship between the two spectrum’s of the business that is bloggers and PR people.

Create a Mind Map

Creating a mind map of the various needs that were detected in each community, as the outline filled itself out they decided to go for it by bootstrapping. Who has not created a flow chart, well if you have not then you should take a design course 101 style, before you begin a new project. Identify needs then flow chart away.

Develop and Design

As a flow chart is created, define the features as resolutions for the identified needs of the project. Build the architecture and decide on the fundamental distribution. The next step was to design a prototype wire frame that serves as a guideline for further development and design.

Create an Interface

Stage 3 the interface, needs to be simple and virtually intuitive the main goal is to satisfy the user’s needs. Define a style that is cohesive and will lend itself to all graphics and visual elements of a platform. Create a brand by establishing a connection from the logo to the way creative works are actualized. The design of any site must fit all devises to be viable in today’s mobile economy.

Fine Tune Development

Stage 4 the masters of development. The application was developed on PHP programming language and can be utilized on many API‘s of third party web providers. One of the most important elements for their success was that the entire project was built on solid private virtual server.


Stage 5 the very foundation of all the work that came before is having a real on the ground real world market strategy. Leaving any creative project in virtual hands may affect traffic ebbing in your direction but if one is looking for a flood then your feet need to hit the pavement. Identify key brands in strategic industry and make personal face time contact.

Create Relationships

Establish relationships with key industry partners and develop contractual agreements with relevant PR’s. Attend events, sponsor events, and create contents and go international, these are the steps that lead to the big leagues. Identify your three main Target industry and divide your resources according to their statistical mobile commerce percentages. The last stage, make your goals none across the spectrum of traditional press, social media, TV, radio and blog away young start up blog away.

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